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Content tagged with Risk Management posted in November 2010
Eurex Clearing Introduces New Pre-Trade Risk Limit Functionality
News  |  11/30/2010  | 
The new service enables clearing members and non-clearing members to control their trading and operational risks by setting pre-trade limits on aggregate risk metrics such as the total margin requirement.
Investment Pros Cite New Regs as Biggest 2011 Challenge
News  |  11/30/2010  | 
Investment managers conclude that navigating the stricter regulatory landscape will be their biggest challenge next year, according to a survey conducted by financial software provider Linedata.
Eurex Rolls Out Pre-Trade Risk Management Platform
News  |  11/29/2010  | 
Eurex Clearing, a Europe-based clearinghouse for securities and derivatives dealings, announced the launch of a new service that enables traders to better control pre-trade risk.
SGX Launches Central Clearing Service via Calypso for Interest Rate Swaps
News  |  11/24/2010  | 
his is the first OTC financial derivatives central counterparty clearing service in Asia.
VelocityShares to Launch Volatility-Related ETNs
News  |  11/23/2010  | 
Offering 2x leverage linked to the S&P 500 VIX Futures Index, the exchange traded notes are to enable institutional traders to manage their daily equity market trading risks.
Eurex Enhances Trading, Clearing And Risk Management Functions
News  |  11/19/2010  | 
Eurex Release 13 provides members with more flexible clearing solutions, new risk management functionalities and comprehensive enhancements in the trading layer.
Can Bank of America Algo Act as a Flash Crash Firewall?
News  |  11/17/2010  | 
With the Flash Crash raising concerns about algorithmic strategies, BofaML has devised a quant algo for futures that slices up an order to deal with volatile events such as releases of economic data.
CalPers Adopts Ermitage Portfolio Tools
News  |  11/16/2010  | 
The largest US pension fund sets its eye on Optics, an advanced portfolio management solution
Sophis To Broaden Services, Focus on Risk Aggregation, Says CEO
News  |  11/15/2010  | 
Customers will benefit from little overlap between the vendor's buy-side strengths and Misys's sell-side expertise, Sophis CEO Pascal Xanart said.
Luxoft Tabs SuperDerivatives to Manage Currency Derivatives Risk
News  |  11/15/2010  | 
Luxoft announced it selected SuperDerivatives to handle the cross-border risks generated by its investments in currency derivatives through real-time pricing analytics and post-trade management tools.
Misys Acquires Sophis
News  |  11/12/2010  | 
Misys said the acquisition will create the number one application software and services provider in capital markets.
Morgan Stanley Releases Android App
News  |  11/12/2010  | 
The Android app for institutional investors is the first for its kind for a Wall Street firm.
HFTs Fear SEC's 'Naked' Access Ban May Squeeze Profits
News  |  11/11/2010  | 
Although the move by U.S. regulators to ban "naked" access to public markets has been lauded as a necessary risk curb, a portion of the high-frequency trading community is awash in concern the new rules will damage time-sensitive strategies.
Debate Ignites Over Basel III Capital Rules
Commentary  |  11/11/2010  | 
Regulators push for safety of financial system, while banks say tough rules will undermine profits.
Russell Investments and Axioma Create 5 Factor Based Indexes
News  |  11/10/2010  | 
The Russell-Axioma Factor Indexes are optimized to provide a highly tradable, basket of securities that closely track each specific factor's returns.
The SEC Agenda: Hurry Up And Wait
News  |  11/9/2010  | 
Throughout the financial crisis, the SEC has identified a host of equity market structure issues that are critical to ensuring safe and fair trading. But, already burdened by enacting the Dodd-Frank financial reform act, the regulator isn't likely to enact any new rules too quickly.
SIX x-Clear to Provide Clearing Services for Liquidnet
News  |  11/9/2010  | 
The CCP will provide exclusive clearing services for Liquidnet's Streaming Liquidity Providers in seven new markets.
ICD Releases On-Demand Money Market Risk Management Application Transparency Plus
News  |  11/8/2010  | 
Transparency Plus transforms the burdensome manual process of evaluating funds and provides the ability to take data snapshots of the fund marketplace, which enables clients to run "what if scenarios" using the virtual analysis capabilities of the system, according to ICD.
StatPro Seven Measures Liquidity Risk
News  |  11/8/2010  | 
Introduces a new approach to measuring liquidity risk as a separate module within StatPro Risk Management.
IDC Financial Insights Appoints Head of Global Risk Mgmt Service
News  |  11/4/2010  | 
Upcoming research topics will include risk IT spending, emerging requirements for asset liability management, architecting for effective enterprise risk programs, and essential technology and data strategies to meet global regulatory requirements.
5 Trends Shaping the Buy-Side Trading Desk
News  |  11/4/2010  | 
Among the top trends on the buy-side trading desk in 2011, the biggest development is likely to be the increased reliance on transaction cost analysis to entice institutional investors and ensure best execution.
When a Liquidity Diet for Banks Makes Sense
Commentary  |  11/3/2010  | 
The balance sheets of many of the big banks that failed or teetered on the brink in the financial crisis actually looked fine. On paper, their assets were sufficient to cover liabilities.
TradingScreen Selects OneTick As Comprehensive Multi-Market Analytics Engine
News  |  11/2/2010  | 
With OneTick, TradingScreen can now leverage a fully integrated library of more than 100 preprogrammed analytics on both its real-time and historical data queries to rapidly analyze market data and quantitative strategies without having to use separate systems for historical and real-time analysis
Mantara Rolls Out Risk Management System for HFT
News  |  11/1/2010  | 
Mantara, a technology provider for high-frequency traders, announced the launch of a risk management platform aimed at traders who are pursuing “unfiltered” direct market access.
Orc Provides Connectivity to Brazilian Market Via Alpes
News  |  11/1/2010  | 
Orc's will offer out-of-the-box low latency trading infrastructure to deploy high frequency trading strategies to customers of Alpes.

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