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ICE Licenses Swap Futures Methodology From Eris Exchange
News  |  12/5/2014  | 
Intercontinental Exchange plans to begin trading swap futures in 2015 in credit and interest rates based on intellectual property licensed from Eris Exchange. ICE will offer a rival product to cleared OTC swaps.
A Conversation About Bitcoin Exchanges
News  |  12/1/2014  | 
Platform providers are drawing upon experience with high-frequency trading and fintech to create infrastructure for virtual currency exchanges.
Aequitas Approved: Canadian Regs Green-Light Anti-Predatory HFT Exchange
Commentary  |  11/17/2014  | 
The newly approved Aequitas exchange wants to correct unfair advantages given to HFTs over retail investors. Competition had prompted TMX Group to plan a similarly minded relaunch of the Alpha exchange. But is the devil in the details?
Nasdaq OMX Expands Market Access in Chicago for Futures & Options Trading Community
News  |  11/5/2014  | 
Nasdaq will open a point of presence (PoP) in Chicago, enabling traders in the midwest to connect with the eSpeed bond trading platform as well as Nasdaq cash equity and equity derivatives markets.
BATS Appoints Markets Expert Chris Concannon President
News  |  11/4/2014  | 
BATS hires Concannon, a former Nasdaq executive, as it continues to integrate Direct Edge and looks to build upon recent successes in equities and options.
CME Layoffs Hit Technology Group Hardest
News  |  10/14/2014  | 
CME Group's restructuring will eliminate 5% of the workforce.
IEX CTO Runs 10-Month Marathon
News  |  9/30/2014  | 
The most influential time in Rob Park's career was the 10 months it took to take IEX from conception to production.
Eris Swap Futures Expand Into Other Regions & Asset Classes
News  |  9/12/2014  | 
Eris Exchange licensed its swap futures methodology to the Montreal Exchange while setting a record for daily volume in its domestic swap futures contracts, buoyed by new buy-side entrants.
GTS's Sale of Microwave Network to TMX Group to BroadenAccess to Ultra-Fast Data
News  |  8/19/2014  | 
Microwave data networks are going mainstream, and will level the playing field for all investors to access critical market data, said CEO of GTS, which entered a deal to sell StrikeNet to TMX Group.
Strong Recovery of Equity Trading Volumes on Global Exchanges
News  |  8/6/2014  | 
Statistics from the World Federation of Stock Exchanges show that equity trading volumes rose 10%, signaling a strong recovery for the first half of 2014.
Transforming Client Certification at BM&FBOVESPA
News  |  5/27/2014  | 
Certifying an exchange client is a lengthy process that can be made easier with automation.
Nasdaq OMX Expands Information Offering with Macroeconomic Data
News  |  5/14/2014  | 
Today, Nasdaq OMX announced an exclusive relationship with MasterCard to distribute its detailed reports on consumer spending activity to the buy-side community.
Nasdaq OMX Rehires Adena Friedman as Co-President
News  |  5/12/2014  | 
Friedman is leaving the Carlyle Group to return to Nasdaq OMX, where she is reportedly a candidate to become the next CEO.
Intralinks Proves Social Deal Sourcing Here to Stay
News  |  5/1/2014  | 
In 2013 Intralinks saw a 99% increase in the total number of actionable M&A opportunities hosted on the platform. Deal volume is on track to double again in 2014.
Nasdaq Launches Redesigned IR Mobile Application
News  |  4/28/2014  | 
A diverse team of designers at Nasdaq see user experience as a strategic differentiator.
SEC Eyes Potential Order Routing Disclosures
News  |  4/21/2014  | 
Requiring brokers to provide more transparency into their stock order routing practices would give investors more information on where their trades are being executed.
Fast and Furious: High Frequency Trading Raises Hackles
Commentary  |  4/10/2014  | 
Michael Lewis' new book "Flash Boys" has whipped up a furious tornado of criticism about high frequency trading. But the market and regulators need to resist the urge to ban the practice and instead embrace the notion of high frequency monitoring and surveillance.
The Great HFT Debate Is Yesterday's News
News  |  4/8/2014  | 
If you are still slogging it out over HFT, you are missing the point. The real debate is about market structure.
Ten HFT Debates to Follow on Twitter
Slideshows  |  4/4/2014  | 
The moment Flash Boys hit the shelves Twitter became a battleground for the HFT debate. #Flashboys #HFT
Why Securities Exchanges Need a New Data Standard
News  |  4/3/2014  | 
Stock trades involve large amounts of data. The lack of a unifying data standard slows global communication.
Private Equity Warms to Funding Portals
News  |  4/1/2014  | 
Digital networks are using innovative technology to simplify private equity deal management for the middle market.
"Flash Boys" Triggers Debate: HFT and Fairness
News  |  4/1/2014  | 
Author Michael Lewis told "60 Minutes" that the computerized, high-frequency stock market is rigged, sending Wall Street into a tizzy.
Exclusive: IEX Hires Jay Fraser to Expand Relationships on Buy-and Sell-Sides
News  |  3/27/2014  | 
In a Q&A with Wall Street & Technology, Fraser talks about IEX's fair access model, buy-side ownership structure, broker neutrality and why it's different from other venues.
Nasdaq OMX Blazed Datacenter Hosting Trail 10 Years Ago
News  |  3/25/2014  | 
Ten years ago Nasdaq OMX moved its matching engines and corporate technology to a Verizon datacenter. The decision turned heads in the financial services world. Today, the practice of utilizing third-party datacenter services is becoming commonplace.
CFTC Releases Request for Comment for Swaps Data Overhaul
News  |  3/21/2014  | 
To boost comprehensive reporting of swap-market data, the CFTC released a request for comment for improved solutions.
Attorney General Calls HFT Advantages "Insider Trading 2.0"
News  |  3/18/2014  | 
Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman wants to eliminate the "fundamentally unfair" advantages exclusively provided to high frequency trading firms.
Thomson Reuters Launches Block Trading Service, Tapping AutEx Network
News  |  3/18/2014  | 
Thomson Reuters built Block Connect to enable sell-side firms to post natural block liquidity to their buy-side clients and meet their need for anonymity.
Two Industry Experts Relaunch Market Structure Consulting Firm
News  |  3/11/2014  | 
Christopher Nagy teamed with Dave Lauer to relaunch KOR Group, focusing on data-backed research, while lobbying for more transparency in U.S. equities market structure.
London Stock Exchange's MTS Agrees to Acquire Bonds.com
News  |  3/6/2014  | 
Seeking a foothold in U.S. fixed-income trading markets, Europe's MTS, struck a deal to acquire Bonds.com, an electronic platform for corporate and emerging market bonds.
Scivantage Appeals to Next Gen Investors with New Platform
News  |  3/5/2014  | 
To attract young investors, banks and brokerages need to build towards an engaging user-experience.
Latency At The Speed Of Light?
News  |  3/3/2014  | 
Aurora-Secaucus latency down to 8.15 milliseconds
After the Mt. Gox Collapse, Wall Street is Wary of Bitcoin
News  |  2/28/2014  | 
In the wake of the Mt. Gox bankruptcy filing, Wall Street firms are unlikely to get involved in virtual currencies unless there is regulatory oversight.
Traders Demand Mobility: BYOD And 2014 Other Trends
Commentary  |  2/5/2014  | 
New regulation affecting mobile devices has given banks an excellent impetus to include mobile recording in their overall compliance strategy.
SIP Up for Bid
News  |  1/31/2014  | 
After Nasdaq OMX said it will stop running the securities information processor, the UTP SIP Committee has decided to put the job out for bid, according to sources.
Social Media's Value Battles Ambiguity In Financial Services
News  |  1/17/2014  | 
It remains difficult to quantify the effects of social media, but that hasn’t stopped the continued dedication of funds to staff and equip social initiatives.
Optimal Execution in the Age of Big Data
Commentary  |  1/17/2014  | 
Finding the best execution in today's fragmented markets may require the use of big data techniques.
ICE to Sell Parts of NYSE Technology - And Why Not?
News  |  1/13/2014  | 
If ICE can't assimilate or find a structural reason to keep hold of the acquired technology, it should go.
Market Structure Recipe For Success
Commentary  |  1/13/2014  | 
A concise look at the significant market structure changes in the US equities markets and what they will mean for the future.
Reg SCI To The Rescue?
News  |  1/8/2014  | 
The SEC's proposed Regulation SCI includes mandatory requirements to boost resiliency and compliance standards in automated trading systems, but market participants have their doubts and are requesting changes.
Devising a Smarter Approach to Client On-boarding and Certification
News  |  1/6/2014  | 
Newer tools that automate much of the on-boarding process can help companies get clients up and running much faster.
Volcker on the Mind, But Will it Deliver?
Commentary  |  12/18/2013  | 
Risk-based metrics are at the core of Volcker Rule compliance. But will firms be able to adequately evaluate risk?
Your Top 10 Articles of 2013
Slideshows  |  12/17/2013  | 
IT salary trends, career advice, trading glitches and articles about Senator Elizabeth Warren's efforts to confront banks are the articles you read the most this year. Here are the top 10 most read articles in Wall Street & Technology's community for 2013.
InfoReach Adds Fixed Income E-Trade Connection to Nasdaq eSpeed
News  |  12/17/2013  | 
Electronic trading of US Treasuries is on the rise, driving demand for connectivity.
IEX Utilizes Redline Trading's Ultra-Low Latency Ticker Plant for Market Data
News  |  12/16/2013  | 
New trading venue IEX relies on Redline's high-speed software solution to calculate the national best bid and offer (NBBO) in stocks, providing high reliability and speed.
Bloomberg Vault Adds Jefferies Group to Growing Client List
News  |  12/3/2013  | 
Jefferies uses Vault to monitor and manage all enterprise-wide communications including Microsoft Exchange email as well as mobile, social and Bloomberg messaging.
SocGen Connects to Etrali Open Trade on New Paris Trading Floor
News  |  11/26/2013  | 
The Paris deployment is a part of a series of SocGen rollouts across the globe, soon to include Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid, Luxembourg.
Brazil's Sole Stock Exchange Must Prepare for Competition
News  |  11/15/2013  | 
ATS Brasil is fighting the establishment to stimulate industry growth and global investment opportunities.
Top 10 Takeaways from Futures Industry Event
Commentary  |  11/14/2013  | 
FIA Expo proved to be a valuable learning and networking experience, writes Dan Hubscher of Object Trading. He offers a rundown on the key issues discussed including regulation for market safety, kill switches and new competition for futures exchanges.
Waking Shark II Shakes Firms in London
News  |  11/13/2013  | 
Financial institutions in London participated in Waking Shark II, a five-and-a-half-hour cyber exercise.
Direct Edge Selects Greenline for Automated Testing Solution
News  |  11/12/2013  | 
Greenline's automated testing tools will enable Direct Edge to strengthen its time-to-market and quality assurance for electronic trading, the stock market operator said.
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