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Trading Technology

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Glenn Curtis
Glenn Curtis
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Technologies That Help Control Order Flow and Direct Strategy Are Making Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management More Efficient

Among other things, Kevin Chapman, managing director and head of trading, longs for a technology that improves the pace of implementing trading strategies.

Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management
Kevin Chapman
Managing Director/Head of Trading

Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management
600 West Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101

Assets under management:

$14 billion.

Fund(s) for which you trade:

I trade across all 25 investment strategies offered by the firm, but specialize in international equities.

Types of products traded:

Equities - value/growth/small cap, domestic and international.

Daily volume in equities:

About $100 million per day.

Structure of trading department:

In addition to myself, we have a European and an Asian trader, as well as a global program trader. Domestically, we have three senior U.S. traders. We also have another trader who handles programs and/or smaller lots. I speak daily with the traders - the European trader in the morning before the open, and the Asia trader in the evening prior to that region's open. We discuss strategy as well as what transpired in the U.S. market. The domestic traders I sit next to, and we interact throughout the day. But I try to give them a large amount of autonomy.

Previous Positions:

Prior to joining Nicholas-Applegate in 1998, I was employed at Wisconsin-based Strong Funds Capital Management as an international equities trader.


B.B.A. and M.S. in management/finance and analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Vision for the Future

I am hoping that from a regulatory standpoint we will see things that give us a greater transparency in the markets. Market consolidation will only continue from here. Although the transition might not be easy, this should lead to greater liquidity.

Ted Oberhaus

Kevin Connellan

For more on Nicholas-Applegate's technology efforts, check out Wall Street & Technology's Gold Book 2006, which profiles leading technology executives. Below are excerpts from SVP and CTO Steve Rapp's profile detailing the firm's current top three technology projects:

Simplify and Consolidate Trade Matching

Objective: This is an efficiency and cost-saving undertaking for both our global and domestic businesses. We're looking at vendor-provided solutions. What we have now is a number of applications that we've accumulated over the years. We're working on retiring those applications and moving to one central matching facility. The vendor space is now capable of doing it, which wasn't the case a couple of years ago.

Total Quality Management

Objective: Improve client servicing, including responsiveness and content. We're revamping the client statement and also improving the workflow for setting up and handling new accounts. We've implemented a lot of major systems since 2001/2002, and what we need to do now is weave them together and begin to exploit their capabilities. The real maximization comes from systems integration, so we're working on conquering interfaces.

Wireless Access to CRM Data

Objective: Provide salespeople with mobile access to our CRM database. We're looking at a couple of vendors that provide access via a BlackBerry device from the road. Security is still a definite concern, but I think we've got the satisfactory controls to protect ourselves.

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