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Trading Technology

08:54 PM
Leslie Kramer, Contributing Writer
Leslie Kramer, Contributing Writer
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General Motors Asset Management Wants Trading Data Readily Available to Take Quick Action if Necessary

Director of trading George Bodine predicts tighter trade integration going forward.

General Motors Asset Management
George Bodine
Director of Trading

General Motors Asset Management
767 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10153

Assets under management:

$160 billion.

Fund(s) for which you trade:

Silvermine Fund (about $30 million in assets under management).

Types of products traded:

It runs the gamut from equities to options to derivatives to structured products and foreign exchange. We don't do a lot of cash fixed income.

Daily volume in equities:


Structure of trading department:

There are four traders, including myself. We don't really have a specialty. Each trader has traded every asset class, although they tend to gravitate more toward one by design. But we have one trader for futures. Because of the nature of futures, a lot of it is done in the Far East and Europe, so he or she will be out of the office and work from home. A lot of that naturally falls into the hours that he or she is working. The other traders, including myself, will handle FX, or will handle equities, or will handle the derivatives that are there. So my philosophy is that all these markets are interlinked. It's better to have an understanding of all of them and see what the interlinkages are, rather than focus on just one area. Each one of our traders can handle the program trading and the pre-trade analysis.

Previous Positions:

I was at AXA Equitable for 21 years and Charles Schwab Corp. for three years.


I have a B.A. in psychology from Syracuse University and a master's degree in business management from Michigan University.

Vision for the Future

You will see a lot tighter integration between the whole trade - the whole pre-trade analysis through the electronic delivery. I also think there is going to be a little more differentiation about who is making the decision. Up until now, it's been that when it gets measured, it looks like you are measuring the broker. But you are really measuring the buy-side trader because they are the ones who are controlling the pace of the order 80 percent to 90 percent of the time.

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