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Scottrade Succeeds With the Leadership of Ian Patterson

Web site speed ranks among the highest in the industry. Scottrade continues to grow 300-branch base and service more customers. Recently announced partnership with McAfee provides customers free security software.

Scottrade Inc.
Ian Patterson
Chief Information Officer

Ian Patterson Scottrade

Senior manager of IT strategy, Deloitte Consulting; VP of professional services and support, Pivotpoint; account manager, Electronic Data Systems.

B.S. in business administration with a focus in management information systems, University of Arizona.

Scottrade Inc.
12800 Corporate Hill Dr. St.
Louis, MO 63131

$55.7 billion in assets under management.

My dad taught me the most important things in life about working with people. His biggest lessons to me were to over-communicate and never to compromise on my honesty and integrity.

In college, I had a job that entailed a lot of hours of manual labor. It stuck with me my whole life for two reasons: First, I learned what a real, tough job is, and that memory pushed me to do my best throughout my career. Second, it gave me a great respect for the people who do those jobs.

What's Next?
If you look at myspace.com and other community/collaboration technologies, they have some very interesting prospects and applications in financial services, not only from an education capability, but also from a market analysis perspective. Also, in portfolio management, there are technologies that are available now that will move portfolio management from the ivory tower of the few to the mass consumer.


IT Budget:


Key Technology Management:

  • Joan Albeck, Director of Infrastructure
  • Grant Bourzikas, Director of Information Security and Business Continuity
  • Joe Tocco, Director of Development
  • Mike Tully, Director of Partner Relations
  • Joanne Wilken, Director of Program Management and Quality Assurance
  • Size of Technology Team:


    Percent of IT Projects Outsourced:

    Less than 10 percent.

    Key Technology Partners:

    Microsoft, Dell and other major players.

    Success Metrics:

    We have a program management office process that we use to determine the success of and prioritize all our projects. The process includes an up-front analysis of the customer and business benefits of each project and the standard ROI, along with doing an analysis of whether they're core infrastructure or customer-related projects that are going to improve capabilities for the customers. Throughout the project, we meet as an executive team on a monthly basis to discuss the status of all projects. When the project is completed, we have a post-mortem analysis to see if we met the business needs as originally defined.


    Optimizing the Customer Experience We're looking at additional ways to make Scottrade's online trading systems easier and more accessible for our customers. We're going to continue developing and rolling out new products and services, and upgrading the features of our three trading platforms. We're also going to add some features to our marketing Scottrade.com Web site that I think are going to be new and innovative in the industry.


    Trading Platform Enhancements

    We are working to add enhancements to our trading platform, without compromising our speed. The speed of our Web site consistently ranks at the top of the industry, and we want to make sure we maintain that. We work closely with product development to streamline that process, and we're also constantly analyzing our networks so that our trading systems can continue processing transactions quickly without slowing anything down.

    Gearing for Continued Growth

    We have a branch network of 300 branches, and we're continuing to grow that and continuing to serve more customers in additional branch offices. Our new data center will allow us to continue growing into the next decade, and we're heavily recruiting and growing our IT team. We're also looking at streamlining our operations and increasing the use of automation for our branches so that when a customer or a branch calls in and reports an issue, we can work quickly to fix it.

    Enhancing Security

    We're continually looking at additional ways to protect our customers. We recently announced a partnership with McAfee through which we're going to provide our customers with free security software so they can better protect their own PCs. We're also enhancing our own systems by taking a proactive layered approach to security that includes identifying suspicious activity and stopping intrusions.

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