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CAST Launches Cloud Service to Identify Software Risk

Highlight takes a snapshot of enterprise software within seconds, arming executives with information on structural issues.

CAST, a developer of software analysis and measurement software for IT and business executives, has launched a new cloud-based service that provides a snapshot of risk across a company’s enterprise software applications.

According to the company, CAST Highlight reads through software within seconds, without the need to upload software to the cloud, and automatically provides feedback on software health, arming executives with information on which applications need further investigation or ongoing monitoring for structural issues.

“Software outages are on the rise, IT maintenance costs are out of control, and yet CIOs are ‘flying blind’ when it comes to the applications that comprise their systems because they don’t know much about the software structure and cannot see the potential risks embedded within them,” contends Lev Lesokhin, CAST VP of worldwide marketing in the release. “This is a fast snapshot of an enterprise’s systems that provides IT managers with insight into the complexity, the technical debt and potential risk within their applications.” Starting from the Highlight portal, users download a software scanner to their systems, and point it at the locations for any or all application software they wish to analyze. The analyzer conducts the assessment locally and creates a text file to upload back to the cloud portal where project managers and CIOs can examine analytics regarding size and quality. The whole process takes minutes per application, the company states in its release. A large enterprise can do an application portfolio management sweep in a one-week time frame – something that traditionally entails a 6 to 12 month project.

CAST Highlight draw’s on the company R&D and software purchased from a sole source provider to the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS), the parent company of Airbus,. In addition, CAST brings 20 years of experience analyzing application software for many large corporations around world. CAST’s flagship product, the Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) provides the granular analysis and measurement capability that would naturally follow for the most risky applications identified by Highlight, according to the release.

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