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Tatiana Helenius
Tatiana Helenius
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Tracking Customer Behavior to Deliver Real-Time Service

Halifax plc implements E.piphany's E.4 analytical applications.

Delivering customized service was important to Halifax plc, as the second largest bank in the U.K, but it had to capture customer information at the point of contact, to do that. So the retail bank which has 20 million customers, installed San Mateo, Calif.-based E.piphany's E.4 System which provides real-time analytical applications that enable one point of access to customer profiles enterprise-wide. "We needed to ensure that we can harness customer data at the point of contact so that customized service is delivered in real-time," says Dick Spelman, director of distribution. Using E.piphany, we have a valuable tool for reliably predicting and delivering on the requirements of our customers in real-time, increasing customer loyalty. We can grow the lifetime value of our customers, by reaching out and building stronger relationships."

Among its key features is the ability to deliver centrally-available, Web-accessible customer profiles, as well as data mining tools and an e-mail list management function. Customer service representatives have easy access to the most current information about a customer's buying habits or preferences, or something as simple but important as the correct customer address, e-mail, or telephone contact number. Relevant cross-sell and loyalty offers can be delivered rapidly to customers through e-mail lists. Ultimately, E.4 enables the business user to customize every Web visit, phone call, e-mail, or direct mail piece with unique customer information and recommendations that make the interaction more memorable and appealing to the consumer.

Other financial customers include Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Sallie Mae, American Express, Aerofund Financial, and FBLI, according to Kevin Faulkner, vice president, market development, who says that E.piphany's personalized approach to online and off-line customer service "can help build a strong, loyal customer base." By giving companies rapid insight into customer behavior, it helps e-commerce companies build real-time personalized campaigns that address the specific needs of clients and the casual site surfer, he adds.

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