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11:16 AM
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Sybase Integrates Streaming Data and CEP Capabilities for Capital Markets Trading and Risk Analytics

New integration tools will help capital markets firms aggregate risk across silos.

Sybase has released new functionality that connects Sybase Replication Server to the Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform. This functionality allows for data events from heterogeneous databases to be propagated in real-time, via CEP, which would be helpful for reference data management and risk aggregation. Firms can now use the Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform and integrate with their enterprise database systems to turn transactions into business events which can be consolidated and analyzed in real-time.

"The major issue slowing down advances in risk management and trading systems is data access and data quality," said Stephen Bruel, Research Director, Capital Markets at TowerGroup, in a press release. "This limitation also creates a huge opportunity for vendors that can provide real-time consolidation of data across multiple systems and link those systems to a CEP engine that can cleanse, cross-reference, and enrich data across asset classes and locations. A solution designed to eliminate the latency and performance issues commonly found when trying to continuously collect and analyze data stored in disparate relational databases will provide differentiation in the highly competitive capital market industry."

"This connects data management and CEP together," says Neil McGovern, director of marketing at Sybase. "It turns database transactions into streams of data that can be handled by an event architecture. Customers wanted a way to monitor change inside of their systems. Also, one of the biggest challenges is handling reference data current across different systems. This new functionality allows it to be synched across systems."

In the financial markets, firms are already using Sybase Replication Server and Aleri CEP for real-time analysis of trade and risk exposure across various asset classes. In many cases, trade and position data is fragmented -- stored in a variety of relational databases located in multiple geographies. By integrating Sybase Replication Server with the Aleri CEP engine, they can now overcome this fragmentation and consolidate heterogeneous data in real-time, according to Sybase.

McGovern says the integrated technologies will be particularly useful in when it comes to risk management, an area that has shown strong growth over the past couple of years. "The industry is focused on risk management," he says. "The interest has grown over the past few years, almost 12 to 13 percent annually. We have seen that in our results. Risk management is the top concern of our clients and that is why they are buying our products."

Sybase says the potential use cases for capital market firms utilizing Sybase's new adapter include:

Compute aggregate risk – Capture trades from multiple databases in real time and correlate them in the CEP engine to evaluate risk and exposure by customer, region, and within time interval

Dynamic portfolio tracking – When a user adds a new instrument or counter-party to an existing portfolio, the CEP engine, upon capturing this, will dynamically start keeping and updating the portfolio market value, using market data flowing into the engine

Monitor trade execution – Capture trades from the database as they occur for real time monitoring P&L and receiving notification if a threshold is breached (e.g., trades above a certain dollar amount, or against certain symbols)

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