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EMC Releases New Storage Platform; Flextrade Introduces Deepfeed; Business Logic and Yodlee Join Forces.

EMC Releases New Storage Platform
EMC released CLARiiON CX600, a storage platform for the mid-tier market place. It has 2GHz processing power and gets 1,300 megabytes per second in terms of bandwidth. The storage platform also yields $1.23 per IOPS, which is a measure of transactional capabilities. The system includes network storage, management, business-continuity software and global-distribution services.

EMC contends that the CLARiiON CX600 leads to lower staffing costs and is highly scalable which is beneficial for managing large storage-array numbers.

The product is most functional from a management perspective. "It has a common-management platform that can be used to manage it as well as previous generations of our mid-tier products through one common interface," says Mike Wytenus, EMC director of information platforms marketing. "It has a robust local- and remote-information-replication-software suite that runs to enhance our customers recovery capabilities."

New stringent federal regulations have been placed on the financial industry that require mandatory-protection mechanisms so that systems can still operate even in the event of a system failure. EMC released the CLARiiON CX600 because it meets the latest government standards.

The CLARiiON CX600, a two-gigabit system, is designed so that if a failure in the system occurs, whether is be a localized crash or a bigger, more global one, institutions have a fast restart capability to get the system running again.

EMC also released two software packages that are compatible with the CLARiiON CX600 - PowerPath allows business to manage workloads across multiple paths and MirrorView capability, which is a remote-replication system that allows a business to reflect data over IP networks. -DG


Flextrade Introduces Deepfeed
Flextrade Systems Inc. released Deepfeed, a service that consolidates bids and offers on the books of electronic-communication networks (ECN) with market-maker quotes.

Deepfeed provides traders with an in-depth view of the market and allows them to access information electronically which makes for faster trading decisions. Deepfeed is customized according to a trader's needs and has the ability to write and revise analytics and quantitative-trading strategies. The product, which is an add-on program to Flextrader, routes across all ECNs, sweeps ECN books and identifies hidden orders across portfolios. Flextrader is a pre-defined trading system that allows users to access strategies and tactics for lists and single stocks.

"The main objective (of Deepfeed) is to consolidate ECN books so you have more depth of market data. Our users typically do a very quantitative analysis of market data, so the more data we can give them, the more in-depth analysis they can do on our trading systems," says Vijay Kedia, Flextrade president and chief executive officer. "The more data that users have in real time, the more efficient their trading strategies can be. It will help them make better and more intelligent trading decisions."

Flextrader and Deepfeed work with a company's existing straight-through-processing requirements. The programs can be run on Sun Solaris, Linux and Windows NT. -DG


Business Logic and Yodlee Join Forces
Business Logic Corp. and Yodlee Inc. have united to deliver direct-data feeds of 401(k) accounts and employee benefits to retirement-plan providers.

The agreement states that Business Logic's customers will be able to give Yodlee their secure-data feeds, making the information accessible to more than 10 Yodlee clients, which will then be able to access the largest source of 401(k) account information. Clients will also be able to send Yodlee data in a more efficient manner.

The software translates data from all different records and Web sites and puts it into one language that the Yodlee system understands. This solution is more efficient than previous means, which required systems like Yodlee to resort to data scrapping, a technique that had to capture HTML data by visiting multiple data banks before storing all information together.

"This is a more efficient way to deliver data so the 401(k) investor can see their data whenever they want to see it, in the format they want to see it in," says Dirk Quayle, executive vice president of Business Logic. "It benefits the investor, the individual who can see their data more easily in different place and the retirement-plan provider, who provides the service of the 401(k) plan because it's more efficient for their infrastructure and Business Logic and Yodlee. Its a win-win for everybody." -DG

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