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 Dr. Howard Rubin

Profile of Dr. Howard Rubin

President and CEO, Rubin Worldwide
Blog Posts: 19

Dr. Howard A. Rubin is a Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Hunter College of the City University of New York, a MIT CISR Research Affiliate, a Gartner Senior Advisor, and a former Nolan Norton Research Fellow. He is the founder and CEO of Rubin Worldwide. Dr. Rubin is a pioneer in the area of technology economics and has built the world's largest database in the field consisting of business, national, and technology data. He is personally retained by many of the world's largest enterprises as a strategic advisor to provide them with continuous competitive calibration via benchmarking and to advise them on business-technology strategy and trends. His current portfolio of client companies in total generate more than $1.5T in revenue to the global economy annually and account for almost $100B in yearly Information Technology (IT) spending. Dr. Rubin has also worked directly with heads of state or their key ministers around the world in the development of national competitive technology strategies - Canada, India, the Philippines, South Africa, and in the United States with former President Clinton. He currently is an informal advisor assisting President Obama's Council on Job Creation and Competitiveness. Dr. Rubin possesses a Ph.D. from the City University of New York in Computer Science and Oceanography. Outside the world of technology Dr. Rubin is Chairman of the Board of Riverkeeper, a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, a Leadership Council member of the RFK Foundation, a major support of student development programs at the Tribeca Film Institute, and a supporter of the Rainforest Foundation.

Articles by Dr. Howard Rubin

IT Isn't Where It's At

The big growth in tech spending is happening outside of the IT organization. That creates a challenge for companies trying to leverage technology well.

The IT Stress Test for Financial Services Firms

As financial services organizations approach the 2013 budget planning season, the process of constructing an IT stress test will help them to collect needed data and create hypotheses about the dynamics of IT and the business.

Why Your IT Spending Is About to Hit the Wall

The increasing demand for computing power is beginning to exceed the computing efficiencies created by Moore's Law, and financial services firms are about to feel the pain of rising IT costs more than ever before.

How to Assess Your Firm's IT Productivity

Capital markets technology organizations are under extreme pressure to do more with less. Rubin Worldwide founder Howard Rubin offers firms some guidelines for measuring IT productivity.

Market Analytics: The New IT Benchmark

The traditional, annual IT benchmarking process is just about irrelevant. Today's dynamic technology economy requires more continuous analysis.

IT: The Global Economic Accelerant

IT is a major driver of global economies, but traditional indicators such as GDP do not go far enough to accurately measure global competitiveness.

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