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Wealth Managers Turn to Unified Managed Accounts to Better Serve Wealthy Clients

Unified managed accounts and unified managed households are part of a growing trend to electronically aggregate a client's holdings in as close to real time as possible. The goal of such cross-product, cross-institution and cross-individual accounts is superior portfolio management, including tax optimization and risk mitigation.

Outer Defenses

To win back investors' confidence following a seemingly endless parade of high-profile breaches, remote hardware security has become a differentiating factor for financial services firms.

Xeye Focuses on Integration

Responding to a growing demand for integrated solutions, Xeye, a provider of wealth management technologies, has made its way down the Web services road.

PAM Gets a Facelift

Princeton N.J.-based Princeton Financial Systems (booth 1840), a provider of portfolio management and accounting software to financial institutions, has been working to put a new face on PAM.

Charles River Continues Four-Step Program

Burlington, Mass.-based Charles River Development (CRD), a provider of investment management software and services to the buy side, has begun its very own four-step program.

Now Private, SunGard Spends More Time on Product, Less on Financial Reporting

Last year, SunGard (booth 2411), one of the world's largest providers of software and processing solutions, went private. The deal, the second-largest leveraged buyout in history, left CEO Cristobal Conde free to make moves without the Street driving the firm's stock up and down with every quarterly report.

Eze Remodels the Castle

Eze Castle Software (booth 1815), a Boston-based provider of buy-side order management systems, has been doing some remodeling of its core Traders Console OMS over the past year.

EDM Council Grows to 45 Members

New York-based GoldenSource (booth 3206), a provider of enterprise data management (EDM) software to the financial services industry, is feeling quite the proud parent of the growing not-for-profit EDM Council, which now boasts 45 member firms.

Advent Skipper Focused on Customers

Well into her second tour of duty as CEO of the company she founded in 1983, Advent's (booth 2019) Stephanie DiMarco has the firm refocused on the needs of its diverse customer base.

ITG’s Solutions Gradually Coming Together

The action really started Jan. 3," says Ian Domowitz, CEO, ITG Solutions Group (booth 2609), referring to the date on which his business division was founded with the closing of two acquisitions.

The Best of Both Worlds

Mutual funds with hedge fund characteristics, such as offerings from Rydex Investments, are giving customers more choices.

Assembling the Risk Puzzle

For Fairfield Greenwich Group, aggregating an accurate risk picture across externally managed vehicles requires flexible solutions.

Jumping Into the (Pension) Pool

Northern Trust has found that creating a tax-transparent, cross-border pension vehicle poses more than just technological challenges.

Hard Times for Soft Dollars

Soft dollars are a means of paying brokerage firms for their services through trade commission revenue. To cover fees for research, for example, buy-side firms direct order flow to the sell-side service provider, which charges inflated trade commissions.

Excellence in Execution

As the buy side takes on more responsibility for executing its own trades, TCA is becoming an integral part of the trading process.

A Slice of the Boomer Pie

Firms are upping wealth management spending and examining enterprisewide solutions in hopes of luring mass-affluent clients.

Follow the Leader

A soft dollar ruling by the United Kingdom's FSA has the attention of U.S.-based financial institutions. Will the SEC follow the FSA's lead?

Instant Algorithms

Pivot Solutions, a Boston-based instant messaging and electronic trading network that was spun off from Eze Castle Integration, recently added algorithmic trading capabilities to its AOL IM front end.

Daiwa Charts Neutral Course

Daiwa Securities America, a U.S. rendition of its Japan-based parent, prefers to model its business on Switzerland's ideology rather than that of either the United States or Japan.

The Right Mix

Building a cost-effective technology portfolio requires careful planning and a balanced approach.

IPC Introduces Enterprise Voice Services

IPC Information Systems is touting the release of its new Enterprise Voice Services (EVS) -- an IP-based trader voice service -- at this year's Securities Industry Association Technology Management Conference and Exhibit.

Syndera Uses Business Intelligence for Trading

Syndera Corp. is trading in the horizontal life for the vertical world of financial services by providing server-based enterprise software that can monitor a whole host of criteria, alerting users to problems or trends on the fly.

SunGard Goes Private, But Not Quiet

Just because Wayne, Pa.-based SunGard looks to be going private doesn't mean the company will be going quiet, or so it would seem, based on comments from SunGard President and CEO Cristobal Conde.

IX Completes Lift-Out for Ark Asset Management

X Partners, a Salem, N.H.-based provider of middle- and back-office services to financial institutions, is making its freshman appearance at the Securities Industry Association's Technology Management Conference and Exhibit this year.

CSS Offerings Span the Gamut

Comprehensive Software Systems (CSS; booth 3307), based in Golden, Colo., hopes that being able to offer the gamut of software solutions - from enterprisewide to task-specific modules - will make it a hit at this year's SIA Technology Management Conference and Exhibit.

Operation Topoff

Industry trade associations ramp up BCP efforts through participation in the Department of Homeland Security's simulation attack exercise.

Marrying Wireless and CRM

As the Blackberry becomes omnipresent on Wall Street, investment management firms are rushing to find compatible CRM products.

Learning to Communicate

A customer relationship management tool can help seal a deal, but getting employees to embrace the technology is key to success.

Two Worlds Come Together

As voice and data converge, Wall Street sees opportunities for Voice over Internet Protocol, but the technology is no slam dunk.

Riding Hedge Fund’s Coattails

As hedge funds experience explosive growth, prime brokers aim to become their one-stop shop for clearing and execution.

IT Portfolio Prowess

Investment managers aren't the only ones who need to manage portfolios. Now, the CIO does, too.

Managing Technology

Chief information officers are embracing a new way of managing the projects that take place throughout their vast domains: viewing them as if they are part of a financial portfolio, with each project representing an investment that has its own goals and risks.


The Issue Defined: After decades of technology development, Wall Street firms find themselves with multiple business lines running dozens of applications that don't speak the same language.

Data First

With straight-through processing again on financial institutions' agendas, the focus has turned to data management as a first step.

Product Watch

Legato Preps Firms for Subpoenas; Enigmatec Manages Infrastructure; Fidelity Offers Corp. Actions ASP; BT Syntegra Opens Trading Floor; Linedata's Holistic View; ZipLip Gets Proactive

STP’s New Driver: Compliance

Once a darling of the industry that brought people to conferences in droves, STP is back, according to some. But this time, compliance is driving STP efforts, STP itself.

FROM THE SIA SHOW: Legato Preps Firms for Subpoenas

Legato Software (booth #3512) is building a line of business around the capability of responding to one of New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's subpoenas -- specifically, responding to large-but-specific requests from investigators for company e-mails.

FROM THE SIA SHOW: HyperFeed Focuses

HyperFeed Technologies (booth #1427) is going through a metamorphosis, and the company is eager to show the financial-services industry its new look at this year's Security Industry Association Technology Management Conference and Exhibit.

FROM THE SIA SHOW: FaceTime Targets

FaceTime Communications (booth #1620) is looking to cash in on the convergence of two factors -- an explosion in the use of instant messaging at financial institutions and regulations that require those communications be audited and archived.

Brown Brothers Settles on CLS

By accessing the CLS Bank through a member bank, Brown Brothers has not only mitigated risk, but has changed its FX processes.

Patriot Act Compliance Isn’t Easy

Financial institutions are finding that compliance with the USA Patriot Act is much more challenging than simply verifying a customer's address or watching for large wire transfers from mysterious foreign accounts.

In a post-Sept. 11 world, financial institutions know better than to take compliance lightly.

Learning to Manage the Message

As instant messaging becomes a favorite among Wall Street traders, it also garners the attention of industry regulators.

How BlackRock Stays Solid

BlackRock Vice Chairman Rob Kapito describes how his firm stays on top of the fixed-income world by keeping its technology architecture simple.

Buy-Side Bashing in Singapore

Forgetting that the customer is always right, broker/dealers and custodians made asset managers the pinatas at Swift's annual Sibos conference.

The Price of STP

At Wall Street & Technology's Straight-Through-Processing Conference, T. Rowe Price's Doren Jacobs explains his firm's path to trade-processing nirvana.

Making the Grade

Executives from the financial-services industry recently discussed budgeting tactics at WS&T's STP conference in NYC.

All I Want for Christmas ...

No longer satisfied with the hand-me-down technology of equities; fixed-income traders are getting order-management systems of their very own.

BCP’s Balancing Act

Setting up a BCP plan is like buying insurance - everyone wants full coverage but not everyone can afford it.

All I Want for Christmas ...

No longer satisfied with the hand-me-down technology of equities; fixed-income traders are getting order-management systems of their very own.

You Just Don't Understand

The SIA continues to speak the language of STP, but is it saying anything the buy side wants to hear?

Making the Grade: Prioritizing STP Projects

Executives from the financial-services industry recently discussed STP-budgeting tactics at Wall Street & Technology's Straight-Through-Processing Conference in New York City.

Who Will Bid On the GSTPA's TFM?

After eating up over 90 million euros of industry funding on its way to bankruptcy court, the GSTPA's TFM will soon be on the auction block.

FIX’s Post-Trade Play

Does FIX 4.4 have the potential to disrupt Omgeo's dominance of the post-trade space?

Welcome to the State of Linux: Population Rising

Though Linux has achieved significant adoption in the world of computing, and offers the ability to exert greater price pressure on hardware vendors, vertically aligned financial-services-technology providers have yet to port to the new platform en masse, says Dushyant Shahrawat, senior analyst with TowerGroup.

Straight from the Reader’s Mouth

When WS&T wanted to take the pulse of the industry, we couldn't think of anyone better to speak with than our very own Reader Advisory Board members.

Merrill Lynch Brings Mainframe to Web With X4ML

In an effort to reduce development costs when opening up back-office, mainframe-hosted programs to requests by Internet-based applications, Merrill Lynch has developed XML for Merrill Lynch (X4ML).

Doing More With Less ... and Less

Smaller staffs, smaller budgets and increased regulations have combined to make running operations at a financial institution a daunting task.

Search For the Single Right Answer

Looking to solve one of the most frustrating issues in the securities industry, the DTCC is entering into the corporate-actions-processing fray.

A Conversation with Northern Trust’s Tim Theriault

WS&T Managing Editor Anthony Guerra recently sat down with Tim Theriault to learn how he has put Northern Trust at the forefront of institutions that are looking to streamline and automate by taking the phone and fax out of the corporate-actions equation.

Could FIX 4.4 Hurt Omgeo's Post-Trade Play?

A recent study by CityIQ, a London-based consultancy, contends that the latest release of the Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol will soon be an alternative to firms using services like Omgeo for post-trade communication among broker/dealers, investment managers and custodians.

A Season of Change

In a tough economy, being complacent about technology is not an option. To that end, buy-side firms are taking a closer look at key applications in an effort to ensure they are getting the most bang for their buck.

Stakes to Play

OMS has become a prerequisite to doing the business of investment management.

T+1? 2010, 2004, or Today

Though the SIA plans to revisit the issue in 2004, one analyst doesn't see T+1 happening until at least 2010. Another analyst thinks it should happen today, and an IT manager reveals his firm's STP program is dead and gone.

Bonds & the Buy Side

Though far behind equities, investment-management firms are starting to bring greater automation and efficiency to their fixed-income trading.

Slapping On the Cuffs

Will new restrictions being placed on portfolio managers bring about risk reduction or simply reduce the potential for profit?


Executives in the financial-services industry are still split on the benefits of imposing a trade-date-plus-one settlement cycle, according to a recent study conducted by Deloitte & Touche's STP practice.

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