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CIO Challenge- SOA

THE CHALLENGE: Legacy systems and inflexible architectures often prevent investment management firms from leveraging applications across the enterprise. To improve interoperability across the organization, many firms are turning to service-oriented architecture.

CIO Challenge: Two-Factor Authentication

The rising incidence of account hijacking and identity theft has created a challenge for financial organizations that want to secure their data, but still allow clients and staff to conduct transactions online. Two-factor authentication may provide a solution.

Internal Auditors

Traditionally, internal auditors have been feared by IT organizations. But, rather than view auditors as foes, technology executives must learn to embrace auditors' expertise.

Without fast data, the most advanced trading systems are useless.

CIO Challenge -- VoIP

Managing traditional analog hoot-n-holler networks, which are critical to investment management firms' operations, can be expensive and challenging, so many CIOs are eyeing alternatives. For some, the answer is IP telephony.

Setting Sights on China

As China emerges as a land of opportunity, U.S. firms are flocking there to set up shop. The first step is to assist Chinese broker-dealers and exchanges with governance issues and trading technology.

Outsourcing: Captive Sites

The newest outsourcing trend is the building of captive sites, in which brokerage firms essentially expand their operations, taking on their own space and employees in a foreign country rather than using the services of a third-party service provider.

Firing On All Cylinders

Having the proper infrastructure in place is critical to measuring enterprisewide performance.

CIO Challenge

THE CHALLENGE: As markets make the seemingly inevitable transition to automated trading, former floor-based traders need to relearn their craft. To familiarize themselves with electronic trading technologies, many traders are going back to school.

CIO Challenge

As hedge funds soar, winning their order flow has become more vital than ever. To compete for that business, brokers and other providers need to offer hedge fund managers wider access to markets and trading products, and break down silos to improve integration.

Riga to Manila to Mumbai

More firms are considering offshore outsourcing than ever before - and their choices are growing by the minute.

BPO Draws Broader Appeal

Faced with ever-increasing pressure to cut costs, more investment firms are tapping business process outsourcing.

Results-Oriented Approach

LEHMAN BROTHERS' approach to one of its most-difficult IT strategies - outsourcing - offers an example of how CIO Jonathan Beyman leads: Get the right people in place, challenge them and then let them do their jobs and hold them accountable for results.

Hybrid Market, Myriad Challenges

Chief Technology Officer Roger Burkhardt has the unenviable task of automating the New York Stock Exchange and putting it on a level playing field with electronic competitors by creating a hybrid market.

Barclays Conquers Data Issues

Like Jason and the Argonauts, Paul Stevens, CIO at Barclays Global Investors, is on the hunt. But the target of Stevens' interest is what he calls the Golden Source - data of unquestionable integrity.

IT Architecture

Industry consolidation, new computing standards and a move to horizontal business structures have IT architects' plates full. To build a cohesive strategy, they need to leverage architectures across an organization, bust down technology silos and meld newly acquired units.

The ABCs of ASPs

The application-service-provider model is gaining momentum as firms seek ways to lower the cost of technology adoption.

Making Connections

Already in control of the desktop, OMS vendors are looking to add direct-market connections.

Going Direct

Industry consolidation and the emergence of new asset classes drive direct-market-access technology.

CIO Challenge

Wireless holds tremendous potential for financial-services firms, but implementing it across an enterprise is no easy task. Organizations must determine the best applications of the technology, find a way to integrate it with their legacy systems and then secure it all.

Gone Phishing

In the latest identity-theft scam, fraudulent e-mails trick individuals into coughing up passwords to 'secure' financial data.

Taking AML to the Next Level

Investment-management firms are beginning to leverage AML technology for more than anti-money laundering.

CIO Challenge: Search Engines

With digital data doubling each year and the number of available Web pages spiraling upward, helping investors find the information they seek online to make informed investment decisions is no easy task.

Wall Street’s Future Stars

Simulated trading rooms are popping up on college campuses, and they're opening recruiting doors on the street.

More than Managing Names and Numbers

Successful CRM requires more than information. It requires tools to use that information effectively and add value to the customer relationship.

IT Challenge: Settlement

The Challenge: For financial services firms, moving away from batch processing is still a challenge. The DTCC's new inventory-management system offers delivery flexibility and helps firms find efficiencies and increase automation in the settlement process.

IT Challenge: Spam

The Challenge: Junk e-mail is becoming a big problem, as spammers clog inboxes with dubious offerings from weight-loss remedies to cheap Viagra.

Putting an End to the Spend

Having a fail-proof disaster-recovery plan is important, but so is a cost-conscious budget. Can financial-services firms have both?

Tue, 17 Jul 2007 11:30:56 -0500

Financial-services firms grapple with the multitude of compliance issues facing the industry. Is there an end in sight?

To Be or Not to Be an IM Shop?

Financial-services firms are divided when it comes to allowing instant messaging. Many warn they don't have a choice.

Gearing up for Grid

Athough mass adoption is several years away, many financial institutions are reaping the benefits of grid computing.

Bringing Risk Into the Mix

Legg Mason is among a handful of firms revamping their wealth-management platforms to include risk management.

Early Adopters Endorse Linux

While some are cautiously dipping their toes into the Linux pool, E*Trade's Josh Levine is taking the plunge.

Corporate-Performance Management

When Scotiabank Group merged its corporate-banking and capital-markets groups in the late 1990s, the challenge became how to stay on top of the global juggernaut's performance in multiple countries.

A Risky Operation

A wave of new regulations is forcing firms to focus on reducing their operational risk.

Under Attack

Forget about locking the windows and the doors, financial-services firms now have far more to fear from worms, horses and bugs.

IT Challenge

When it comes to instant messaging, firms must grapple with the fundamental question: Do you allow the deployment of multiple platforms or limit users to only one?

Finding a Needle in a Haystack

One of the main difficulties in complying with the U.S.A. Patriot Act is sifting through the huge amount of information firms process every day.

The Challenge

For E*TRADE CIO Josh Levine, integrating platforms from brokerage to banking, while juggling a LINUX implementation, has been his challenge for the past few years. He says the next hurdle the industry faces is moving away from vendor-owned operating systems to unleash the power of Web services.

STP's First Step

Portfolio-management systems are proving to be the buy side's straight-through-processing cornerstone.

VoIP Comes Through Loud & Clear

When Cantor Fitzgerald needed to rebuild its infrastructure following the Sept. 11 tragedy, the firm had to make a decision about its telephones.

IT Challenge

Auerbach Grayson & Company has built a brokerage business that spans 83 countries by partnering with local brokerages and building a 24X7 international trading system.

The Challenge

Management consultant Asiff Hirji got to know his client Ameritrade Holding Corporation so well that when the chance came to shape the technology strategy at the online broker, he couldn't say no.

Options Markets Hold Hidden Dangers

Financial institutions are taking a closer look at credit risk as a means to guard against losses. Determining the best way to evaluate it, however, is up for debate.

New Risk Vendors Bet Big on SIA Tech Show

Financial institutions aren't the only ones managing their risk when it comes to market activity. Nascent risk-management vendors are also hedging their bets at this year's SIA Technology Management Conference & Exhibit by seeking out new clients.

Firms Seek IT-Structure Holy Grail

In a decade of change, featuring everything from expansive growth and shifting technologies to tough competition, mergers, layoffs and belt tightening, one thing has remained constant: chief information officers continually restructure their departments in search of the perfect model by which to govern operations.

An Emerging ’New Science’

Basel II is supposed to help firms survive a crunch by forcing them to keep more cash on hand, but will compliance with the accord leave their hands tied?

The Challenge

Managing hundreds of desktop computers is no easy task. Firms can't afford to have their traders and brokers down while IT staff rummage around desks replacing broken units. Now, there's an alternative to decentralized-workstation computing.

IT Challenge

The Challenge: Slumping trade volumes, cost-containment initiatives and threats of more layoffs have combined to lower morale across the brokerage business. IT departments aren't immune to this toxic mix, which can have employees worrying as much about their future as the task at hand. It makes motivating staff and shoring up morale a real challenge.

Lehman CIO Keeps Ear to the Ground

If you think chief information officers stay holed up in their offices pouring over reports; learning about a typical day in the life of Lehman's CIO may change your mind.

OMS Vendors Revamp Offerings to Meet Demands

When it comes to buy-side order-management-system vendors, the market features a range of players, catering to all firms from small hedge funds to large investment managers.

The Buy Side is Buying into OMS Tech

It goes without saying that in a volatile market, traders must be on their toes and ready for anything. One way that firms are keeping pace with rapidly changing markets is by deploying the latest in order-management-system technology.

Natural-Language Search Engines

The Challenge: Weeding through thousands of pages of Web-site documents to locate the answer to a question can be a laborious process and a challenge outside the scope of many search engines. Now, financial institutions are turning to natural-language search engines to make them more efficient and improve the self-help capabilities of their Web sites.

The Challenge

Finding the right technology vendor in a sea of offerings is no easy task.

IT Challenge

Investment statements are the primary communication tools used to reach clients, so its important to make sure they're getting the right message.

Expanding Your Options

The recent influx of new electronic-trading systems for options is revolutionizing the marketplace - but are traders ready?

IT Challenge

In the world of venture capital and private equity, communicating with investors in an efficient way is critical. Read about how some firms have improved the process.

Is SuperMontage's Honeymoon Over?

While it's still early in the SuperMontage world, firms trading Nasdaq stocks say that things are running smoothly and many continue to rely on ECNs to help them get best execution.

ECNs Adjust to a SuperMontage World

While SuperMontage isn't likely the death knell for electronic-communications networks, it will force them to visit the drawing board and come up with a better battle plan for competing in the new environment.

The Real Deal?

The potential of Web services to revolutionize application communication still seems to be a point of debate for 2003.

Intruder Alert

The threat of cyber-terrorism has firms spending precious dollars on anti-virus and intrusion-detection software.

The Customer is Still King

In a down market, it's easy to put something like CRM on the back burner, but that strategy may get you the cold shoulder.

IT Challenge

When it comes to implementing a wealth-management platform, is it better to buy, to build, or maybe a little of both?

IT Challenge

The paper-intensive account-opening process can be a major burden at financial institutions, especially when it comes to separately managed accounts.


IT managers talk about the difficulties of cutting costs in the current economic climate.

The Challenge

FleetBoston, Fidelity and Berkshire Group of Companies are being charged with developing a strong technology platform that will allow them to cross sell their products and services.

Costs Are A Big Issue in Clearing Space

When it comes clearance and settlement technology, firms notice two things: "The market is not that good right now. People are looking to cut costs anyway they can."

SIA SHOW: HillCast Tackles Streaming-Wireless Trading

Institutional traders who fear leaving their office in these volatile markets can now cut the desktop tethers, thanks to a new wireless-streaming product that will let them trade from their handheld device.

It Challenge

How to reduce paper in the account-opening process.


In light of Sept. 11, mirroring data may be the way Wall Street firms ensure they can bounce back from a disaster.

Vendors Seek Wealth Management Holy Grail

William O'Conor has to figure out how to combine the vast array of Thomson's technology solutions and turn them into an integrated wealth-management platform that attracts firms looking to service the growing high-net-worth space.


As Web sites mature, they often grow as well. Learn how one firm managed to keep its pages under control.

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