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Cristina Mceachern
Cristina Mceachern
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InvestmentSeek.com Targets Buy Side

Institutional investors have a new and rapidly expanding source for information and research.

Institutional investors have a new and rapidly expanding source for information and research. InvestmentSeek.com brings together and provides links for Web sites focusing on information relevant to the institutional arena. The founder of the site, Giri Cherukuri, says that after searching the Web for one central location and using search engines for personal finance information, he didn't encounter any suitable sources that brought together a significant amount of information and saw the need for InvestmentSeek.com.

"InvestmentSeek.com aggregates information on the Web and finds everything that's available for institutional investors. The site is categorized by content, with sections like the pension fund consultants, is the most comprehensive on the Web, and there's a section where you can link to every stock exchange in the world," he says. The site features sections dedicated to IPO Web sites, money managers, pension-fund consultants, mutual funds, conferences and organizations. InvestmentSeek.com also showcases news sites, investment research sites and career sites along with links to technology vendors in the portfolio management and analysis area. Users can also search the site directly through the name of a vendor, fund family, etc. "When you know the name of a company you're interested in but don't know the Web address, say it's an obscure money manager or something, you can search right on the front page and it will take you to the listing," adds Cherukuri.

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Top Quotes of the Week
Top Quotes of the Week
It wasn't all bad luck for the capital markets this week: Hedge funds had a decent first quarter despite a slowdown in jobs numbers, BlackRock might be heading into new territory as hedge fund managers take a hard look at their counterparties, and the head of the IMF didn't pull any punches when assessing today's global economy. At least we can admire the nice weather and some of the best quotes of the week.