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Content tagged with Risk Management posted in October 2013
Bringing a New Market Structure to Trading Real Estate
News  |  10/31/2013  | 
ETRE Financial has launched an analytics and trading platform to bring the transparency of equities to electronic trading of commercial real estate properties and REITs.
Securities Industry Moves To Scrutinize Market Glitches
News  |  10/30/2013  | 
Following numerous technical problems in the markets, regulators might be moving to overhaul market rules and are insisting that market participants take a closer look at their own technology.
Survey Shows 47% Increase in Information Security Spending
News  |  10/29/2013  | 
11% of banking and capital markets surveyed rarely or never present security topics to the board or top governing body. Is this acceptable?
2014: More Compliance Mandates, Or A Return To Innovation?
News  |  10/29/2013  | 
Capital markets CIOs hope that 2014 will allow IT organizations to start working on projects that provide business value, rather than just meet compliance demands.
Are Firms Suffering From Inefficiencies Due To Multiple Reconciliation Processes?
News  |  10/23/2013  | 
Over half of the firms surveyed use over 10 different systems to perform reconciliation, causing inefficiencies from fragmentation.
Capital Market Firms Turning To Onboarding and LEI Data Management Technologies
News  |  10/22/2013  | 
A new Aite Group report says there is a compelling need for capital market firms to invest in technologies to address legal entity data management, regulatory demands and elongated onboarding timeframes.
Austerity is European Sovereign Debt Investor's Best Friend
Commentary  |  10/14/2013  | 
In a victory speech, Angela Merkel made clear she is standing up for European sovereign debt holders around the world by not offering financial relief to cash strapped neighbors.
Major Banks Resolution Plans Cite Data Systems and Planning
News  |  10/14/2013  | 
In part two of this blog series, it is clear that data governance is part of many of the major bank's resolution plans.
Nasdaq Launches Algo Trading Test Facility
News  |  10/14/2013  | 
Nasdaq will launch a cost effective solution for broker dealers to manage risk exposures, and understand economics around new trading strategies.
6 Trends Shaping Commodities Trading
News  |  10/9/2013  | 
SunGard pinpoints 6 trends that will shape commodities trading over the next year and a half.
What Do Resolution Plans Say About Data Governance (Part 1)?
Commentary  |  10/8/2013  | 
Close examination reveals that data governance plays an important role in financial firms' resolution plans, which are used to determine how a financial institution can unwind itself from a significant financial incident.
Here's Why Tracking Voice Patterns Can Improve Compliance
News  |  10/7/2013  | 
In addition to standard compliance stipulations surrounding voice recording, flagging emotional sentiment and keywords of internal communications can unlock significant value in captured information.
Reducing Complexity and Cost of Compliance with a Dynamic Data Enterprise Approach
Commentary  |  10/1/2013  | 
How can alternative investment managers leverage existing infrastructure to satisfy reporting mandated by the many global regulatory agencies, including SEC, FINRA, CFTC, and others?
Investment Banks: Innovate or Die
Commentary  |  10/1/2013  | 
It is no longer viable to use technology to simply drive near-term revenues and profits by automating the way things have always been done.

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