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Content tagged with Risk Management posted in November 2008
Don’t Leave Home Without ... Bank Status?
Commentary  |  11/17/2008  | 
The Federal Reserve's ill-conceived decision to provide bank's with anonymity makes the entire process less transparent and only further contributes to the industry's poor reputation and lack of investor confidence.
The Overlooked Challenge of Data Security in an M&A
News  |  11/17/2008  | 
M&As in the financial industry have come fast and furious over the last couple months, each one raising multiple challenges for the companies involved. A vital, but easily overlooked one, is data security. When companies are in the midst of an M&A, how do they protect their customers' confidential data?
FX Veteran Tolman Joins Beta-Gamma
News  |  11/13/2008  | 
Beta-Gamma Research, an algorithmic and sophisticated automated trading developer, has named Howard Tolman CEO.
Lessons from Rogue Trading and the Credit Crunch: How to Uncover the Next Unknown Risk
News  |  11/13/2008  | 
Firms need to plan effectively to reduce information technology and other enterprisewide risks that are within their control.
State of the Engineer: Immigration--The Reactionary Side Of Engineering
News  |  11/13/2008  | 
Fifteen of the 16 major broker-dealers have been quietly working to build an automated framework for collateral management. The group plans to roll out a messaging system for margin calls early next year.
Wall Street Taking A Closer Look at Collateral Management
News  |  11/13/2008  | 
The quiet backwater of collateral management has been stirred up by Bear Stearns' collapse, Lehman's bankruptcy, AIG's near-death and ongoing turmoil in the credit markets.
Case Study: Loomis Sayles Implements Multifactor Authentication
News  |  11/13/2008  | 
Loomis Sayles deploys Imprivata technology to enable authentication via password, fingerprint and token.
Counterparty Risk Rules Minds of Market
Commentary  |  11/13/2008  | 
Insider Fraud Is Involed in 60 Percent of Data Breaches
News  |  11/13/2008  | 
Rogue employees have the potential to devastate a bank. But up to 50 percent of all insider fraud incidents go unreported, Celent says.
Developing a New Prime Brokerage Model
Commentary  |  11/12/2008  | 
As hedge funds move away from prime brokers and toward using traditional custodians, the prime brokerage model is becoming endangered.
Paulson Scraps Bailout Plan to Buy Troubled Assets
News  |  11/12/2008  | 
Treasury Secretary says second half of the $700 billion financial rescue program will be used to help relieve pressures on consumer credit, scrapping efforts to buy troubled mortgage assets.
IT Spending Update: Navigating the New Volatility
Commentary  |  11/12/2008  | 
Will the Next Wall Street Be the Last?
News  |  11/11/2008  | 
The credit crisis is reshaping Wall Street as we know it. Will it rise to the challenge?
The Future of Futures Execution
News  |  11/11/2008  | 
In the short-term, the overall de-leveraging of the global economy will cut back the use of all derivatives products by investment banks and hedge funds.
Financial firms change risk management practices (video)
News  |  11/11/2008  | 
S. Ramakrishnan, CEO of Reveleus and Mantas, Oracle, talks to WS&T about how risk management practices are already changing in light of the subprime crisis and economic turmoil.
Buy Side Reevaluates Counterparty Risk and Reliance on Sell-Side Trading Platforms
News  |  11/10/2008  | 
With bulge-bracket firms going under, buy-side institutions are scrutinizing their exposure to sell-side execution services and trading platforms.
Financial Firms To Meet Treasury to Talk about Troubled Assets (audio)
News  |  11/10/2008  | 
Today, there's a big meeting between the Treasury and financial firms to talk about TARP, the government's program to buy troubled assets. The meeting comes as a survey find that financial players are so uncertain about how TARP would work, they aren't sure they want to participate. Here's more on this story in this Marketplace segment from American Public Media.
SR Labs Unveils Risk Tool for Brokers to Control Sponsored Access to Buy-Side
News  |  11/10/2008  | 
Brokers can set position limits on hedge funds that work across multiple exchanges and ECNs.
UBS Investment Bank Takes Minority Stake in Governance Metrics International
News  |  11/6/2008  | 
UBS invests in research advisory firm.
Eze Castle Integration Launches Eze Link to Provide Powerful Communications Network for Buy-side Firms
News  |  11/6/2008  | 
Highly secure and redundant network delivers streamlined and converged access to Internet, FIX, market data and voice connectivity over a private network.
Relaxing Mark-to-Market Rules Is a Slippery Slope
Commentary  |  11/4/2008  | 
Mark-to-market accounting is critical to the valuation of profits, positions, net capital and, for that matter, bank solvency.
Hard Choices Ahead for Trading Platforms
Commentary  |  11/4/2008  | 
That culture of innovation is playing out with unprecedented intensity in today’s high-performance trading environments as alternative trading platforms and venues emerge to challenge the market position of traditional exchanges.
Actimize Signs Deal With Netherlands Financial Markets Regulator for its Flagship Market Abuse Solution
News  |  11/3/2008  | 
Autoriteit Finanicele Markten (AFM), the 4th largest European securities markets regulator, joins leading regulators already using Actimize's trading surveillance solutions to uncover potential market manipulation.

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