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Content tagged with Risk Management posted in April 2011
Survival Of The Fastest in Tomorrow's Electronic Trading Markets
Commentary  |  4/29/2011  | 
The SEC's new Market Access Rule "15c3-5" will require big investments in new ultra-low-latency technology, but only those who get it right will be on the winning side of the street, contends Tibco's Rourke McNamara, Sr.
Merlin Securities Unbundles Multi-Prime Analytics Package
News  |  4/28/2011  | 
Offers standalone analytics package to broader universe of money managers, without requiring them to be prime brokerage clients.
Cetova Introduces New Trading And Risk Management Reporting Package
News  |  4/27/2011  | 
The off-the-shelf solution is designed for market makers, asset managers, hedge funds and institutional firms.
Inside the Prop Trading Exodus
News  |  4/27/2011  | 
Despite being given plenty of wiggle room by regulators to comply with the Dodd-Frank Act's ban on proprietary trading, Wall Street's biggest banks are wasting no time dismantling their prop desks.
Q&A With Rep. Barney Frank
News  |  4/26/2011  | 
Congressional Republicans are playing a dangerous political game with their bid to delay new derivatives rules until 2012, according to Rep. Barney Frank.
CZ Capital Switches to Paladyne
News  |  4/26/2011  | 
European hedge fund implements Paladyne's FastStart as fully-hosted front-to-back-office solution, replacing Linedata Beauchamp.
Bernanke Is Set To Boldly Go Where No (Fed) Man Has Gone Before
News  |  4/25/2011  | 
The Federal Reserve chief is expected to hold a news conference this week and answer questions from journalists, signaling a startling break from tradition for the central bank.
Buy, Sell or Hold With Twitter?
News  |  4/21/2011  | 
As a U.K. hedge fund taps the social network to predict market moves, industry participants argue that Twitter may be ineffective - or even dangerous - as a sole forecaster.
Hedge Fund Managers Predict Strong Performance in 2011: Survey
News  |  4/20/2011  | 
Happy days are evidently here again for hedge funds, even as the fragile global economic recovery plods along.
Clooney to Tackle Wall Street Bailouts in New Film
Commentary  |  4/14/2011  | 
George Clooney's history with drugs and women will prevent him from ever running for office, but his past won't stop him from trying to influence public thought through film.
J.P. Morgan Worldwide to Clear Knight Capital's Trades on UBS MTF
News  |  4/14/2011  | 
Providing clearing and settlement services on UBS MTF continues JPM's strategy to offer access to multiple exchanges and trading platforms.
Sybase Integrates Streaming Data and CEP Capabilities for Capital Markets Trading and Risk Analytics
News  |  4/13/2011  | 
New integration tools will help capital markets firms aggregate risk across silos.
GOP Averts Damaging Argument in 2012 with Budget Deal
Commentary  |  4/12/2011  | 
The nation's securities and commodities regulators are breathing easier following the last-ditch efforts of Congress to avoid a government shutdown.
AcadiaSoft Launches Collateral Managment Portal
News  |  4/12/2011  | 
Major firms are piloting the new Web-based service for managing collateral between counterparties in OTC derivatives.
QuIC Partners With Solum To Enhance Credit Value Adjustement Solution
News  |  4/8/2011  | 
CVA quantifies the credit risk inherent in OTC derivative transactions and is integral to pricing, risk management and accounting processes within financial institutions.
Watson, From Jeopardy To Wall Street Hero? Hmm. Maybe.
Commentary  |  4/8/2011  | 
Could Watson have helped prevent the financial crisis?
Quantifi Enhances CDS Index Options Models
News  |  4/6/2011  | 
Contends it's the first vendor to support sophisticated volatility surface modelling for more accurate valuation and risk management of credit options.
Credit Markets to Enjoy Liquidity Boost Under Dodd-Frank
Commentary  |  4/6/2011  | 
Dodd-Frank's impact will extend to the cash credit markets and will serve as the catalyst for increasingly electronic and centralized trading.
4 Steps for Preparing for Disaster -- What Every Manager Should Know
News  |  4/5/2011  | 
If firms truly want to survive a disaster, preparation must be about more than just data.
Attack of the Botnets
News  |  4/5/2011  | 
The emergence of botnets and other off-the-shelf cyber-crime tools has transformed hacking into a point-and-click process.
A Hedge Fund for Tony Hayward?
Commentary  |  4/5/2011  | 
The former CEO of BP resurfaces from the Gulf oil spill to reinvent himself as a hedge fund manager.
GlobeOp Hedge Fund Index Offers Timely Window On Liquidity And Investor Sentiment
News  |  4/5/2011  | 
Vendor says there is a lack of independently confirmed industry data against which hedge fund managers and investors can benchmark their allocations and performance.

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