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Content tagged with Risk Management posted in August 2011
Invictus Platform Lets Hedge Funds Do Stress Tests on Banks
News  |  8/30/2011  | 
The firm said the service will give banks a clear snapshot about whether a bank is over, under or fairly valued in relation to its peers.
Northern Trust Enhances Investment Risk and Analytical Tools
News  |  8/30/2011  | 
New features include having a selection of any portfolio or index/benchmark data and combinations for any daily or monthly time period.
Raymond James Chooses Rapid Addition
News  |  8/30/2011  | 
The broker is using Rapid Addition's FIX technology to extend Microsoft's BizTalk middleware for TRACE reporting of mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities to FINRA.
The Keys to Hedge Fund Software Selection
News  |  8/29/2011  | 
Hedge funds must realize that one size doesn't fit all when selecting a business-critical system.
Job Cuts: Wall Street's Cruel Summer
News  |  8/29/2011  | 
The banks may be posting decent (if mildly disappointing) profits, but they're aggressively slashing job rolls to rein in costs.
Post-Irene, Wall Streeters Figure They Might As Well Just Stay Home
Commentary  |  8/29/2011  | 
Despite Irene causing less damage than expected, many Wall Streeters have decided to stay home. In any case, they are not strictly needed.
DTCC Confirms Normal Operations
News  |  8/29/2011  | 
Despite the impact of Hurricane Irene on the east coast, DTCC said deadlines for clearing fund, settlement and other processes will be as usual, except for certificate-based services.
Crisis, Lag, Rebound -- Our Economic Cycle
Commentary  |  8/25/2011  | 
The recovery that followed the financial crisis and subsequent recession that began in 2008 barely had taken hold before the European debt crisis and the political train wreck over the U.S. debt ceiling derailed any hope for a widespread recovery.
Reacting to Steve Jobs Departure: An Amazing Ride
Commentary  |  8/25/2011  | 
Pundits are speculating on Apples' future under new CEO Tim Cook, and whether Apple can continue the steady stream of hit products.
Worried About Your Wall Street Job? At Least You're Not In Europe
Commentary  |  8/24/2011  | 
Less than a couple of months ago, reports suggested that the job situation in the UK was looking decidedly rosier than in the U.S. But a couple of months in the banking industry are almost like dog years.
ConvergEx Names Head of Asia Pacific Transition Mgt.
News  |  8/24/2011  | 
Jim Karelas joined ConvergEx from JP Morgan in Sydney.
BNY Mellon to Clear Interest Rate Swaps Via CME Group
News  |  8/23/2011  | 
Bank of New York Mellon announced its clearing arm will clear over-the-counter interest rate swaps through CME Group, an arrangement the firm said it made on behalf of its institutional clients.
Xtrakter Is Reporting Derivatives Data to FSA
News  |  8/23/2011  | 
In compliance with MiFID, XTrakter enables clients to use the Alternative Identifier (Aii) for derivatives transactions reported to regulated markets by Nov.13, 2011.
A Decade of Destruction and Rebirth
Commentary  |  8/22/2011  | 
The past decade has been tough, but we need to be optimistic and view it for the success it has brought and the opportunity it will bring.
Real-Time Stress Testing Your Fund
News  |  8/22/2011  | 
Fincad Forms Counsel of Advisors
News  |  8/19/2011  | 
The counsel will provide the derivatives software company with guidance on corporate strategy, product direction and market positioning.
Global Market Volatility Comes as No Surprise
Commentary  |  8/17/2011  | 
Most conversations about the financial markets last week centered largely on the "extreme" market activity taking place.
Markets May Drop, But No Downgrade for Role of Compliance
Commentary  |  8/17/2011  | 
In the wake of S&P's downgrade of U.S. debt, compliance officers are fulfilling a far more proactive and pre-trade role in their firms' trading organizations, says Matt Grinnell, Fidessa's
TCA Grows Outside of Equity Trading Desk —Greenwich Assoc. study
News  |  8/15/2011  | 
While 70 percent of active equity investors in the study employ TCA, about 25 percent deploy TCA in fixed income as well as foreign exchange.
Risk Institute Denounces Short Selling Bans in Europe
News  |  8/12/2011  | 
EDHEC-Risk Institute warns that curtailing short selling in Belgium, France, Italy and Spain can be disruptive to markets and have spillover effects.
French Think Tank Brands European Short-Selling Bans as 'Political Smokescreen'
News  |  8/12/2011  | 
A France-based academic think tank blasted the short-selling ban enacted in several European countries this week as a remedy for extreme volatility, arguing that reduced liquidity and market quality will be the unintended consequences.
New Hedge Fund Protocol For Risk Aggregation Is Launched
News  |  8/11/2011  | 
The open protocol was developed by an independent working group of 16 firms, including investors, prime brokers, fund administrators and hedge funds.
Deutsche Bank Expands Market Access Platform to U.S. Exchanges
News  |  8/10/2011  | 
Deutsche Bank announced its electronic trading unit will expand its low-latency direct market access trading platform to include all co-location facilities at the major U.S. stock exchanges.
Savvy Investors Snatch Up Equities Following Massive Selloff
Commentary  |  8/9/2011  | 
The old adage buy low, sell high played out Tuesday morning with a vengeance, as investors snapped up battered bank shares at a discount. Meanwhile the Dow Jones Industrial Average roared back - at least temporarily - ahead of an announcement from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.
Q&A With BTIG's Chief Risk Strategist Dan Greenhaus
News  |  8/9/2011  | 
Although Standard & Poor's downgrade of the United States' top tier credit rating sparked a swift and massive selloff in the global equity markets, it won't affect how institutional investors and hedge funds build their portfolios, according to Dan Greenhaus, the chief global strategist at international broker dealer BTIG.
Bonaire Releases Enhanced Business Intelligence Module
News  |  8/9/2011  | 
Bonaire's EMPOWER/BI is designed specifically for the asset management industry.
Standard & Poor's is Bearish on the U.S. Political System
Commentary  |  8/8/2011  | 
In downgrading the United States' top tier credit rating for the first time ever, Standard & Poor's has taken a bearish position on the nation's political system.
I Want YOU For The U.S. Economy.
News  |  8/8/2011  | 
As news continues to pour in about the S&P downgrade and tumbling markets, your bank might soon be asking YOU for a loan.
It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like 2008
Commentary  |  8/4/2011  | 
There's no shortage of frightening economic news floating about these days.
The How-To's of Hedge Fund Outsourcing
News  |  8/4/2011  | 
You've Been Hacked! Now Learn Their Latest Tricks
Commentary  |  8/2/2011  | 
Here are 3 ways your organization - and probably even your personal computer - is likely to have been hacked, without you even realizing.

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