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Content tagged with Risk Management posted in March 2012
Top Quotes of the Week
Slideshows  |  3/29/2012  | 
What a week! Europe double dips, hedge fund managers have big egos, MF Global pleads the Fifth, and everybody is leaving Goldman Sachs. Advanced Trading gathered up the funniest and the most revealing quotes from the capital markets thought leaders. There's a lot of bad news out there, but there are some bright spots. Enjoy.
Big Data: A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action
Commentary  |  3/28/2012  | 
While Big Data is a hot topic on Wall Street, most financial firms don't have the right systems in place to manage it and make it actionable, argues Microgen's SVP North America Tom Crawford.
Goldman Sach's Gupta Loses Wiretap Ruling
News  |  3/28/2012  | 
Former Goldman Sachs Group director Rajat Gupta lost his bid to suppress wiretap evidence at his upcoming criminal trial on charges that he leaked boardroom secrets to hedge fund founder Raj Rajaratnam.
New Leaders for Goldman Sachs?
News  |  3/28/2012  | 
Senior executives within Goldman Sachs have talked about splitting the roles of chief executive officer and chairman, two sources said, although pressure for any imminent move appears to have eased after a deal with a labor union pension fund.
Hedge Funds See Profits After Hot Q1
News  |  3/27/2012  | 
Hedge funds are cashing in some of their chips after enjoying a bumper first quarter, wary that a sudden change in market sentiment could see them take the sort of losses suffered in last year's volatile markets.
BATS Flash Crash: Here's What Happened
Commentary  |  3/26/2012  | 
Say what you will about BATS' humiliating IPO, stock plunge and trading stop last Friday - the exchange operator is owning up to it and answering questions.
BATS CEO: It Is With Great Humility
Commentary  |  3/26/2012  | 
BATs CEO Joe Ratterman says it was a software glitch and in a letter to clients and investors he is now explaining to clients and the investor community what exactly happened.
Foreign Traders Invade Grain Giants' N. American Turf
News  |  3/26/2012  | 
For decades, the world's leading grain traders like Cargill and Bunge enjoyed an unparalleled advantage: their smaller North American competitors lacked the flexibility and diversity of a global operation, and their foreign rivals lacked access to the biggest and most stable exporters in the world.
Suffering a "Flash Crash," BATs Withdraws IPO
News  |  3/23/2012  | 
The debut of BATS Global Markets Exchange Inc on Friday was overshadowed by a series of blunders, including its own shares erroneously trading for less than a penny and confusing investors.
Social Media Is Wall Street's Number One Enemy
Commentary  |  3/23/2012  | 
For the world-at-large, the whole point of Twitter is spontaneity. Not for Wall Street.
Obama Taps Dartmouth's Kim to Head World Bank
News  |  3/23/2012  | 
President Barack Obama will nominate Dartmouth College president Jim Yong Kim to lead the World Bank, a senior administration official said on Friday.
Form PF Will Be a Painful Burden for Hedge Funds
News  |  3/22/2012  | 
The new Form PF regulatory reporting requirements represent a landmark shift for the traditionally secretive hedge fund industry, and they'll come with a hefty price tag.
How Traders and Risk Managers Are Adapting to the Changing Rules
News  |  3/22/2012  | 
Stephen Davenport, VP and head of equity risk management at Wilmington Trust, discusses in an exclusive Q&A the impact of the economic, political and regulatory climates on the roles of traders and risk managers.
In the Search for Alpha, It's a Quant's World
Commentary  |  3/22/2012  | 
The complexities of the buy-side trading decision require an entirely new set of quantitative and analytical skills, says Tabb Group's Laurie Berke.
Securing the Cloud From the Outside-In
Commentary  |  3/20/2012  | 
Conducting extensive due diligence of a cloud provider’s technology, processes and track-record can help alleviate security concerns for companies looking to move into cloud computing.
Jefferies Q1 Profit Drops
News  |  3/20/2012  | 
Jefferies Group reported lower first-quarter earnings on Tuesday due to higher costs and a loss in its managed funds business.
Goldman Sachs Cuts Staff in Annual Review Process
News  |  3/20/2012  | 
Goldman Sachs Group started a new round of staff cuts in its trading and investment banking divisions, a sign of continued cutbacks on Wall Street.
LCH.Clearnet to Launch OTC FX Clearing
News  |  3/19/2012  | 
In coming weeks, LCH.Clearnet's new service ForexClear will provide clearing for FX non-deliverable forwards in coming weeks, with support from 14 major market participants.
Deutsche Bank Promotes Three to Head Tech/Ops, Risk and Compliance
News  |  3/16/2012  | 
In a management overhaul, Deutsche Bank named Henry Ritchotte COO with oversight of technology and operations, as new co-CEOs put their stamp on the bank.
Bloomberg Visits Tarnished Goldman Sachs
Commentary  |  3/16/2012  | 
You know it's been a bad week when the mayor of New York City and the man whose name appears on their market data terminals has to stop by the office to cheer everyone up.
Trading to Win Inside the Perfect Storm
Commentary  |  3/14/2012  | 
Goldman Trader: So Long, Jerks!
Commentary  |  3/14/2012  | 
R.J. O'Brien to Deploy FFastFill's Trade Execution Suite
News  |  3/13/2012  | 
The futures brokerage will utilize FFast Fill's Trading Pro, SaaS offering, within its European and U.S. operations for futures, options, FX, equities, repos and CFDs.
Market Fraudsters vs. the Genuine(rs): Who's Winning?
Commentary  |  3/13/2012  | 
Managing systemic risk — and preventing market abuse — is one of today’s greatest challenges, and regulators have been intensifying their efforts to clean up the markets. But are the good guys winning the war against fraudsters?
Futures SROs Propose 4 Ways to Protect Customer Seg Accounts
News  |  3/12/2012  | 
In the wake of MF Global, the first proposal would require FCMs to file daily reports on segregated and secure accounts, enabling regulators to track fluctuations in the amount of customer funds maintained by the firm.
Investors Back Hedge Funds as Performance Rebounds
News  |  3/12/2012  | 
According to the GlobeOp Capital Movement Index, net inflows into hedge funds,were 2.1 percent of total assets over the month to March 1.
A Former SEC Enforcer On Slowing Down HFT
News  |  3/12/2012  | 
After years of trading near the speed of light can regulators realistically place a speed limit on high frequency trading? Mark Fickes, a former attorney for the SEC enforcement division and currently with BraunHegey & Borden of San Francisco, weighs in.
The 4 Forces That Will Shape IT Economics in 2012
Commentary  |  3/8/2012  | 
Four major forces are blowing apart traditional models of managing a firm’s technology and related economics, says Rubin Worldwide's Howard Rubin.
Swaps Participants Gear Up for July Reporting Deadline
News  |  3/6/2012  | 
Even though the CFTC's rules pertaining to recordkeeping and swaps data reporting put the burden on dealers, asset mangers will still want systems for record keeping, monitoring, reconciliation and analytics.
Frost Bank in Texas Rolls Out Calypso for Derivatives
News  |  3/6/2012  | 
Installation of Calypso system to support the bank's growing interest rate derivatives was completed in less than four months.
MarkitServ Launches FX Gateway Connecting to CCPs
News  |  3/5/2012  | 
The middleware provider announced a single point of access for FX participants to route OTC derivatives trades to CCPs worldwide including CME, SGX and LCH.Clearnet.
The 3 Biggest Pain Points on the Road to Swaps Clearing
News  |  3/5/2012  | 
Central clearing promises to bring transparency to the OTC derivatives market and reduce participants' risk. But dragging swaps out into the open is a difficult road. Here are three challenges adding to the buy side's pain -- and insight into how they can be overcome.
Who Do Buy-Side Firms Trust With Their Money?
News  |  3/5/2012  | 
In the absence of clear rules on customer collateral protection, the question of default risk weighs on investment managers entering the swaps clearing game, and some market participants argue that custodians offer a safer option than brokers.
The Need for Automated Clearing In an Increasingly Complex Derivatives Market
Commentary  |  3/2/2012  | 
Automating derivatives processing will create efficiencies across the industry, lowering costs, reducing risk and establishing a framework for growth. But it will require cooperation.

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