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01:18 PM
Cristina McEachern
Cristina McEachern
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SIA SHOW: HyperFeed Jumps on the Java Bandwagon with New Software Development Kit

Addressing customer requests and the acceptance of Java on the Street, HyperFeed releases Java-based development kit for market-data integration.

Addressing customer requests and the acceptance of Java on the Street, HyperFeed releases Java-based development kit for market-data integration.In response to customers and the growing popularity of Java on Wall Street, HyperFeed Technologies has released its Java Software Development Kit (SDK) for financial institutions. Building on its development tool offerings for Windows as well as UNIX and Linux, HyperFeed's Java SDK is an application-programming interface that allows programmers to directly integrate HyperFeed market data into their Java environments.

"Given the acceptance of Java within the financial-services industry, it just made sense for HyperFeed to make our data available through this new Java SDK," says Mike Kreutzjans, chief technology officer at HyperFeed. "These developers are writing hand-held applications, they're writing browsers and they're even writing some server side development."

The Java SDK also aims to cut down on programming time and code writing as a more efficient way to access the data. The Java SDK application also uses minimal amounts of code to integrate data charts and graphical displays for financial market information.

Kreutzjans explains that some HyperFeed customers have begun migrating from using standard C and C++ development tools to the Java tools as the J2EE and J2ME enterprise development environments have become more popular. "With the marketing of the J2EE environment I think that Java is becoming more of an industrial strength development environment," he adds. The Java SDK enables programmers to feed market data through both the J2EE and J2ME environments for use in server and mobile applications.

The Java SDK is also a compliment to HyperFeed's existing COM SDK, which utilizes Microsoft's Component Object Model for creating customized market data modules. Kreutzjans says that the Java SDK is targeted at both large and small financial-services firms that are looking to leverage the Java development environment. "There are developers writing handheld applications in smaller firms and we've got larger firms that are writing Web servers and doing Web hosting with hundreds of thousands of connections, so it seems to be all the way from top to bottom,' he says. In general, Kreutzjans sums up drivers behind the Java SDK release saying, "Java is another development language and as people move over to that we want to be able to provide them access to financial data as easily as possible."

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