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WS&T Staff
WS&T Staff
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10 Critical Business Technology Issues for The Street

In 2007, firms will face the daunting full rollout of Reg NMS in the U.S. and the likely beginning of MiFID implementation in Europe while they continue to struggle with data privacy, OTC derivatives, a shortage of talent and the potential of Web 2.0, among other challenges.

After another record year in 2006, financial services companies are looking for an equally profitable 2007. In sound financial shape and riding a robust economy into the new year, financial organizations are hoping for more of the same in 2007. But despite the strong economy, much about 2007 will be drastically different.

A new democratic Congress may turn a spotlight on big business, possibly changing some very business-friendly tax rules and regulatory precedents that were set during the Republican-lead Congresses of the last 13 years.

The much anticipated Reg NMS finally will go into full swing this year. Rather than spending time and resources preparing for the new market structure, firms will need to quickly assess if their technology investments are sufficient for the new marketplace. If not, alternatives will need to be implemented -- quickly. And like Reg NMS, MiFID will test the structure and the preparations of financial firms doing business in Europe, though full implementation may be delayed further.

Personal data security, although always a focus for financial firms, may get pushed front and center as various states -- and possibly Congress -- move to further protect personal financial information. And the topic of Web 2.0 may have firms thinking about other ways to connect to customers as the idea of interactive, connected and extremely customizable Web offerings takes hold in the personal financial area.

These are just a few of the trends that financial services organizations will contend with in 2007. In this issue, you will find 10 critical topics on which firms will be focusing their resources in 2007, along with commentary from senior-level buy-side technology leaders about what they will be focusing on in the coming year.

Each of the 10 topics has been condensed to a single page, a quick-reference guide that gives you the information in an easy-to-digest format. Of course, since these 10 topics will be of importance to the industry throughout 2007, expect to see many more features and articles from Wall Street & Technology that focus on these challenges.

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