Futures Algorithm Providers
As more and more buy-side firms turn to futures contracts to hedge their bets, choosing the right algorithms to navigate the complex market is more important than ever. Advanced Trading's exclusive directory of Futures Algorithm Providers offers invaluable insight into some of the top providers' products and helps firms get a better grasp on their options.

Foreign Exchange Multidealer Directory
Foreign Exchange Multidealer Directory includes information on different FX services, including a description of the platforms and the products they trade.

Risk Management
This directory includes detailed descriptions of portfolio risk, counterparty/credit risk, valuation and performance measurement and attribution systems. Descriptions cover the risk methodologies supported, the asset classes covered, the report generation capabilities offered and more.

Prime Brokerages
Advanced Trading's latest exclusive directory features 18 of the industry's top prime brokerages. The directory includes a description of the services provided by each firm and highlights details such as the trading platforms offered, the products covered, reporting capabilities, risk management tools, available rebates and more.

Agency Brokerage
The following directory lists many of the agency brokerages, the algorithms they provide and what sets them apart from other brokerages.

Algorithmic Trading Directory
Find out the answers to key questions about the leading algorithmic trading providers using WS&T's easy-to-use online resource.

Corporate Bond Trading Systems Directory
This directory includes in-depth information on several corporate bond trading systems, including descriptions of the systems, their client types and their future plans.

Crossing Networks
The following is a directory of the major crossing networks, including independent players, exchange provided networks and broker-dealer ATSs. It explains each service, its customer base, how often orders are crossed, and what users can expect from the service going forward.

Dark Algos
This directory offers a listing of many of the broker-dealers and technology providers that offer algorithms that search dark liquidity pools.

Dark Pools Directory
The directory includes descriptions of broker-dealer owned, consortium-owned, and exchaned-owned dark pools, as well as detailed examples of dark pools in each category and what enhancements are planned for the future.

Electronic Futures
Electronic Futures Markets Directory

Execution Management Systems
This directory includes a detailed description of the execution management systems, the EMS and order-management functionality they offer, and future plans for enhancements.

Listed Futures & Options Trading Systems Directory
Advanced Trading's exclusive directory of listed futures and options trading systems includes 20 popular systems, including details on the products and instruments traded, exchange and liquidity pool connections, and for what size and type of firm the systems are ideally suited.

Minority and Woman owned Broker-Dealer
The following directory is a listing of minority and women owned brokerages, the services they provide, the algorithms they offer and more.

Order Management Systems
This directory includes a detailed description of the order management systems, the OMS and execution-management functionality they offer, and future plans for enhancements.

Transaction Cost Analysis
This directory lists the major transaction cost analysis vendors, both independent and broker-dealer services. It provides a description of each service, explains how data is collected, how frequently the data is distributed, and more.

U.S. Equity Options Exchanges
This directory highlights the U.S. equity options exchanges, including indepth descriptions of these services they offer, the types of options they trade and their plans for the future.

REG NMS Cheat Sheet
Check out WS&T's concise synopsis of the 371-page SEC document outlining the Regulation National Market System proposal. Also available in easy-to-read PDF format.

Direct Access Trading Directory
Learn about the industry's direct-access trading providers, including all about their technologies used, pricing schemes, order types and asset classes.

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