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 Ivy Schmerken

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Editor at Large
Member Since: 5/8/2014
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Ivy is Editor-at-Large for Advanced Trading and Wall Street & Technology. Ivy is responsible for writing in-depth feature articles, daily blogs and news articles with a focus on automated trading in the capital markets. As an industry expert, Ivy has reported on a myriad number of topics including high frequency trading, algorithmic trading strategies, market structure, electronic trading in fixed income , colocation in data centers, Dodd-Frank regulation and the new derivatives landscape. Ivy meets with software companies and other innovators and writes about cloud computing, OMS/EMSs and other financial technologies.

Articles by Ivy Schmerken
posted in February 2007

Can the Market's Systems Keep Up With Electronic Trading?

Yesterday's steep stock market plunge of 416 points sent a warning of how vulnerable the market structure is to systems glitches and data backlogs when there are unexpected volume surges and rapid sell-offs in an electronic trading environment. As most of us know, problems began around 2 p.m. when the Dow Jones Industrial Average was already down 200 points -- in part a reaction to the sell-off in Chinese stocks, translated into concerns about the U.S. economy. I was in the car at 2:30 p.m. wh

UNX Provides Access to Liquidity Sweeping Tools Via Instant Messaging

Last week, IM TRADER, the instant messaging network for brokers and fund managers, began allowing institutions to sweep electronic pools for hidden and visible liquidity by integrating its network with UNX's algorithmic technology. "We've helped integrate their algorithmic system out over the IMTRADER network to help investment professionals have the ability to communicate orders to a sophisticated platform using an AOL Instant Messenger window," explains Ed McDonnell, Pivot Solutions' SVP of S

UNX Provides Access to Liquidity Sweeping Tools Via Instant Messaging

Buy-side traders that feel comfortable using instant messaging to communicate with and route order flow to the sell-side community can now use IM to sweep crossing networks and dark pools. The cool technology comes as the result of a partnership between Pivot Solutions, the developer of IMTRADER and UNX, an agency brokerage specializing in direct-market access and algorithmic technology.

LatentZero Integrates EMS Functionality into Its Buy-Side OMS

With buy-side traders turning to faster execution management systems (EMSs) and installing them on the desktop next to their order management systems, the OMS vendors have been scrambling to provide EMS functionality. This week, LatentZero a supplier of front-office systems for the buy-side, said it had integrated EMS functionality into its buy-side OMS. The company's OMS, Capstone Minerva, now has a fully integrated EMS trading module desig

The Cost of Doing Nothing

As margins shrink in many business lines, forward-looking financial services firms increasingly are looking to shake up the status quo to find new ways to generate revenue while reducing costs.

ITG POSIT Targets MiFID and Others Follow Suit

Ivy Schmerken, Advanced Trading Crossing networks are staking out their turf in trading Pan European equities as a prelude to competing with traditional exchanges under the Markets In Financial Instruments Directive or MiFID. This week, Investment Technology Group (ITG) said it plans to launch POSIT Now, a continuous intraday crossing system for equities - into Europe. POSIT was the first regulated ATS in Europe but as of November, it will become a

Connecting to Alternative Execution Venues

Ivy Schmerken, Wall Street & Technology With the proliferation of alternative electronic execution venues lining up to compete with the New York Stock Exchange and The Nasdaq Stock Market, connectivity to these new liquidity pools is not a topic that gets discussed much. But this week two of the new electronic marketplaces - one an ECN, the other a stock exchange - revealed new partnerships with electronic trading platforms.

The Buy Side Jumps on Board the Push to Automate OTC Derivatives

Now that traditional buy-side firms and hedge funds are increasingly investing in credit derivatives, the fastest-growing product in the OTC derivatives space, the industry is focusing on automating post-trade processes to reduce operational risk.

Amaranth Disaster Highlights Independent Pricing

With the saga of Amaranth's blowup unraveled in yesterday's Wall Street Journal story, the wisdom of hedge funds relying on dealers for pricing their derivatives portfolios has come into question. While everyone knows the saga of Amaranth - a hedge fund whose aggressive trader took huge positions in natural gas contracts and then lost $6 billion in one week - there are lessons to learn from this tragedy for other hedge funds and institutions

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