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Content tagged with Asset Management posted in August 2011
Job Cuts: Wall Street's Cruel Summer
News  |  8/29/2011  | 
The banks may be posting decent (if mildly disappointing) profits, but they're aggressively slashing job rolls to rein in costs.
Buy-Side Firm Survey: Life on Wall Street in 2011
News  |  8/25/2011  | 
Wall Street has seen unprecedented upheaval and change since the financial collapse of 2008. To find out how the buy side is coping, Advanced Trading surveyed a sample of buy-side firms about their trading practices, IT strategies and compliance plans.
NorthPoint Integates OMS with ICE Link
News  |  8/24/2011  | 
Asset managers can automatically send their CDS trades via NorthPoint's OMS to ICE Link for affirmation.
UNX Announces Two Buy-Side Clients for Catalyst EMS
News  |  8/23/2011  | 
Both asset managers, Everett Capital Management and Bradley & Company, are utilizing Catalyst's custom plug-ins for electronic equities trading.
CIBC Unveils New Trading Platform
News  |  8/18/2011  | 
Global Market Volatility Comes as No Surprise
Commentary  |  8/17/2011  | 
Most conversations about the financial markets last week centered largely on the "extreme" market activity taking place.
Did Buy-Side Bond Trader Steal Secrets?
Commentary  |  8/16/2011  | 
Jeffrey Gundlach, a well known bond trader, is confronting his former employer TCW over allegations that he stole data and fixed income trading software.
Parus Capital, Compass Adopt Tradar
News  |  8/16/2011  | 
TCA Grows Outside of Equity Trading Desk —Greenwich Assoc. study
News  |  8/15/2011  | 
While 70 percent of active equity investors in the study employ TCA, about 25 percent deploy TCA in fixed income as well as foreign exchange.
Q&A With BTIG's Chief Risk Strategist Dan Greenhaus
News  |  8/9/2011  | 
Although Standard & Poor's downgrade of the United States' top tier credit rating sparked a swift and massive selloff in the global equity markets, it won't affect how institutional investors and hedge funds build their portfolios, according to Dan Greenhaus, the chief global strategist at international broker dealer BTIG.
Bonaire Releases Enhanced Business Intelligence Module
News  |  8/9/2011  | 
Bonaire's EMPOWER/BI is designed specifically for the asset management industry.
What the Buy Side is Buying
News  |  8/9/2011  | 
Inside the Buy Side's Decision to Colocate
News  |  8/8/2011  | 
Once the dead-end warren for housing old emails, expired market data and other bits of corporate effluvia, today's financial data center is where the action is. Forget the exchanges - these days you're more likely to find a listless remote shot of a lonely CNBC reporter on an exchange floor (if you can find an exchange floor) than the hustle and bustle of yesterday.
Auerbach Grayson Launches Emerging Market Fixed-Income Trading Platform
News  |  8/2/2011  | 
The brokerage has appointed an ex-JP Morgan executive to lead the initiative.

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