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Content tagged with Infrastructure posted in September 2011
Big Data: The Next New Thing?
Commentary  |  9/28/2011  | 
Venture capitalists are investing in "Big Data" companies with analytic platforms, but hasn't Wall Street been doing this for 20 years?
Analysts Deny That IT Spending Predictions Are Just A Shot In The Dark
Commentary  |  9/27/2011  | 
IT spending predictions range from $90 billion to $400 billion, but analysts argue that there is method to the madness.
Regulators Press High-Frequency Traders for Their Secret Codes
News  |  9/27/2011  | 
Industry experts say the unprecedented move is in response to rising pressure on regulators to figure out whether high-frequency trading actually provides liquidity to the marketplace or if it simply manipulates the markets.
Resignation of UBS CEO Points to Damage Control
Commentary  |  9/26/2011  | 
In ongoing fallout from the UBS rogue trading scandal, CEO Oswald Grubel resigned, paving the way for new leadership.
Turquoise Derivatives Unveils FTSE Index Options
News  |  9/26/2011  | 
Turquoise, the London Stock Exchange's pan-European equity trading unit, announced the debut of FTSE index options on its derivatives platform.
SGSS Debuts Clearing Services on UBS MTF
News  |  9/26/2011  | 
Deutsche Bank Exec To Head Elektron Transactions
News  |  9/23/2011  | 
In his new role at Elektron, the Deutsche Bank veteran will bring together applications, data and infrastructure to support integrated trading systems targeted at specific customer requirements.
Why Banks Don't Listen to their Risk Managers -- and Risk Losing Billions
Commentary  |  9/21/2011  | 
While details are thin, the announcement last week of an unprecedented $2 billion equity trading loss by UBS in London, and the arrest on criminal fraud charges of the alleged 31-year-old rogue trader have attracted global attention.
Rogue Watch: Beware False Trades
News  |  9/21/2011  | 
ITG Launches Algos for Mexican Equities
News  |  9/20/2011  | 
The agency broker is expanding its emerging markets platform in Latin America, citing institutional demand during a volatile period.
Spotting a Rogue Trader
News  |  9/20/2011  | 
Advanced Trading spoke with James Heinzman, managing director of Global Compliance Solutions, to discuss how firms can better detect rogue traders.
Bridging the HFT Impasse
News  |  9/19/2011  | 
Rosethal Collins Group Taps Orc Trading's Suite
News  |  9/19/2011  | 
RSG will ofer Orc's trading software to global clients for futures spread trading, options on futures trading, and other low latency trading strategies.
Who Has The Best Tech Department On Wall Street?
News  |  9/15/2011  | 
Wall Street professionals who voted said they particularly admire firms who have been able to navigate troubled markets while continuing to push forward an innovative technology agenda and "get things done".
Rogue Trader Arrested, Costs UBS $2B
News  |  9/15/2011  | 
BM&FBovespa Will Use Nasdaq OMX's Surveillance Program
News  |  9/15/2011  | 
Brazil's largest exchanges and its SRO plan to use Nasdaq OMX's SMARTS Integrity market surveillance program to monitor trading across their equities and commodities platforms.
FFCM Taps JPMorgan For Its QuantShares
News  |  9/14/2011  | 
Market Data and the Prisoner's Dilemma
News  |  9/14/2011  | 
Orc Shuts Neonet's New York Trading Desk
News  |  9/13/2011  | 
Swedish parent consolidates all trading on Stockholm desk for North American and European markets, and takes restructuring charge.
Fidessa Passes Certification Test for Chi-X Australia
News  |  9/13/2011  | 
Fidessa is also providing the software and technology infrastructure for ASX Best, a multi-market trading application that allows smart order routing between venues.
Deutsche Bank Launches the Autobahn App Market
News  |  9/12/2011  | 
Deutsche bank has redesigned more than 100 of its electronic services, spanning the full trade lifecycle from pre-trade analytics to post-trade services..
Selerity Selects Equinix Frankfurt
News  |  9/12/2011  | 
As programmatic and high-frequency traders using event data seek to diversify their trading strategies, they are increasingly looking to overseas markets, according to Selerity.
Institutional Traders Concerned About HFT —Liquidnet Survey
News  |  9/12/2011  | 
Two-thirds of Liquidnet's institutional clients in North America indicated they were concerned about high frequency trading's impact.
A Decade After 9/11, Business Continuity Is Still A Work-In-Progress On Wall Street
News  |  9/9/2011  | 
9/11 marked a turning point for business continuity. Although now it seems the real game changer in the business continuity arena occurred more recently during the 2009 financial crisis. Still, firms have a lot to figure out.
State Street Unveils OTC Swaps Clearing Service
News  |  9/8/2011  | 
State Street announced the launch of a derivatives clearing service prior to the new rules governing the over-the-counter swaps market going into effect.
AlphaFlash Adds 12 Countries to Global Treasury Feed
News  |  9/8/2011  | 
Deutsche Borse's new service is aimed at algorithmic traders, asset managers and hedge funds who need a machine-readible format.
ConvergEx Algo Hunts Dark Liquidity in Europe, Asia
News  |  9/7/2011  | 
ConvergEx Group announced it beefed up its liquidity-seeking algorithm Darkest to enable traders to simultaneously access most of the dark liquidity spread throughout Europe and Asia in a single order.
Quant Shop Deploys OneTick
News  |  9/6/2011  | 
First Derivatives Launches Third-Party Vendor Services
News  |  9/6/2011  | 
The software and consulting services firm will focus its initial launch on the Calypso capital markets platform.
Ruffer Adopts Buy-Side Workstation
News  |  9/6/2011  | 
Ajna Upgrades Portfolio Risk System
News  |  9/2/2011  | 
Ajna Partners, the New York City global equities hedge fund, upgrades its risk system to keep a tight rein on its portfolio.
The Myths of Data Management
News  |  9/2/2011  | 
NYC Hedge Fund Trains Computer to Pick Stocks
Commentary  |  9/1/2011  | 
Rebellion Research contends machine-based learning omits the "fear factor" that plagues humans when the market plunges 500 points.

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