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Content tagged with Infrastructure posted in January 2012
Thomson Reuters' Mike Powell Discusses Cloud Adoption
News  |  1/31/2012  | 
While cost pressures are a driver, breaking into new markets is a priority for capital firms in 2012, explains Mike Powell, Thomson Reuters’ global head of hosting and managed services.
High-Frequency Trading is Hitting the BRICs
Commentary  |  1/31/2012  | 
As regulators in the United States and Europe weigh the merits of new regulations to govern high-frequency trading, emerging markets have been methodically paving the way for the practice to expand within their borders.
Radiant Investment Adopts New PMS
News  |  1/26/2012  | 
Could Market Volatility Be Hiding a Flash Crash?
News  |  1/25/2012  | 
Market volatility is not the same as a Flash Crash, Instinet's Alison Crosthwait says.
Taming the Market Data Beast
News  |  1/25/2012  | 
Hedge funds are drowning in market data -- and yet they want even more. How can smaller hedge funds and prop shops feed the market data beast?
Market Data: Looking Back to Get Ahead
News  |  1/25/2012  | 
Hedge fund managers are digging deep into yesterday's data to uncover a trading edge.
Market Data: Pump Up the Volume
Commentary  |  1/25/2012  | 
Trader Gougenheim Eyes $50M Glasnost Hedge Fund
News  |  1/25/2012  | 
Hedge fund industry veteran Philippe Gougenheim will open a highly liquid global macro fund in June 2012.
Hedge Funds Climb Back Across $2 Trillion Threshold
News  |  1/25/2012  | 
Although it's been well-documented that hedge funds endured a difficult 2011, research shows the industry enjoyed a bit of a comeback as the year drew to a close.
Managing Data For Customers and Regulators in an iTunes Age
Commentary  |  1/24/2012  | 
The cloud infrastructure that makes iTunes possible is the same that will enable asset managers to serve their customers and meet regulatory requirements, writes StatPro CEO Andrew Peddar.
Buy-Side Firms Lack Confidence in Their OMS, Risk Data: Survey
News  |  1/24/2012  | 
Buy-side firms aren't confident the data they're getting from their order management, accounting and risk systems is consistent and of high quality, according to a survey conducted by software provider SimCorp.
How ING Avoids Customization Nightmares
News  |  1/24/2012  | 
ING CIO says the bank's new operations model is helping centralize more IT work, while still letting leaders react to local market needs around the globe. The ultimate goal: Make IT faster.
Liquidity Centers Are Big Business
Commentary  |  1/23/2012  | 
Exchanges are the latest participants to jump into the data center colocation game as the appetite for hosted services shows no letdown.
Cloud Computing Can Boost the Customer Experience
News  |  1/23/2012  | 
The cloud allows firms to bundle value-added services and improve the customer experience.
The Rise of Cloud Computing on Wall Street
News  |  1/23/2012  | 
Looking to cut their capital expenditures on servers and applications, financial services firms are warming up to private clouds run outside their firewalls.
How Buy-Side Traders Are Adapting to the Volatility
Commentary  |  1/20/2012  | 
Buy-side traders are demanding stronger trading tools to navigate the increasingly volatile markets, according to a recent TABB Group study.
Does TCA Really Work for the Buy Side?
News  |  1/20/2012  | 
Transaction cost analysis promises stronger executions. But buy-side trading desks may not always know how to pinpoint the information that can actually help them get the most out of their trades.
After MF Global, Risk Management Again Takes Center Stage
News  |  1/20/2012  | 
In a familiar story, a major Wall Street firm flames out and others scramble to shore up their risk practices and systems.
Volatility Fuels Demand for Stronger Data Management
News  |  1/20/2012  | 
In these roiling markets, fund managers must realize that data management is a buy-side business, too, according to Asset Control CEO Phil Lynch.
TD Bank's Social Strategy: Start Small, Think Big
News  |  1/20/2012  | 
The Canadian-based bank's ambitious enterprise social networking plans started with a simple initiative that has already boosted productivity dramatically.
Following Scandal, Pipeline Switches Name to Aritas Securities
News  |  1/18/2012  | 
The firm said the name change reflects significant operational changes for the company, which had been the first dark pool to ever find itself in hot water with the SEC.
Fragmentation Coming to a Swaps Market Near You
News  |  1/18/2012  | 
Fragmentation is coming to the swaps market and dealers are preparing to spend heavily to build systems that can aggregate liquidity for their buy-side clients, according to a report by Tabb Group
Market Data Q&A: Bloomberg's Mark Pesonen
News  |  1/18/2012  | 
Are Fundamental Hedge Fund Managers Trained to Be Good Traders?
News  |  1/17/2012  | 
The hedge fund industry was undoubtedly glad to bid 2011 adieu, a year that brought about one of the most difficult trading environments to date with wild and often unpredictable swings in the stock market becoming the norm.
Big Data Changes Storage Needs
News  |  1/17/2012  | 
Unstructured data is the big driver for storage needs, but machine-generated data should not be overlooked.
Cloud Computing Has Become a Dominant Force in Financial Services
Commentary  |  1/13/2012  | 
Cloud computing is emerging as a dominant force in the financial services industry, and investment banks, brokers, market makers and asset managers all will look to push more sophisticated applications into the private cloud, according to Options IT CEO Nigel Kneafsey.
How to Assess Your Firm's IT Productivity
Commentary  |  1/13/2012  | 
Capital markets technology organizations are under extreme pressure to do more with less. Rubin Worldwide founder Howard Rubin offers firms some guidelines for measuring IT productivity.
How a Cloud-Based, Integrated Portfolio Management Platform Can Level the Playing Field for RIAs
News  |  1/12/2012  | 
By adopting platforms that tightly integrate portfolio management, CRM, trading and other core investment processes, RIAs such as SEIA gain enterprise-class functionality that gives them more time to serve clients and fuel growth.
Virtualization Tops CIO Priorities In 2012
News  |  1/12/2012  | 
Savings from server consolidation will go to new IT innovations, IDC says.
Hedge Fund Managers Expect Higher Salaries, Smaller Bonuses in 2012
News  |  1/12/2012  | 
Hedge fund managers expect to earn higher base salaries in 2012, but are bracing themselves for smaller bonuses, according to a report by HedegFundCompensation.com.
Market Data Q&A: Joel York of Xignite
News  |  1/11/2012  | 
Market Data Q&A: Paul Charie of Fidessa
News  |  1/11/2012  | 
Inside Motley Fool's Enterprise Social Network
News  |  1/9/2012  | 
The Motley Fool established an enterprise social network to combat portal, wiki, and email overload -- and it's working.
IFS Taps Activ Financial's US Market Data for TCA
News  |  1/9/2012  | 
Intelligent Financial Systems selected Activ Financial's US equity market data to drive research and analytics for its LiquidMetrix Workstation product suite and new coverage of North American markets.
Liquidnet Names New COO in Bid to Boost Revenues
News  |  1/9/2012  | 
Liquidnet, a firm that enables institutions to anonymously trade large blocks of stock, is looking to give revenues a shot in the arm through two executive appointments.
Despite Global Market Connectivity, Trading in Emerging Markets Remains a Challenge
News  |  1/6/2012  | 
Market data, workflow tools and other trading challenges are particularly painful hurdles in emerging markets.
New Market Data Model Promises to Boost Trading Performance
Commentary  |  1/6/2012  | 
Trading firms can cut costs, boost efficiencies and accelerate speed to market by embracing market data as a service, says Interactive Data president Emmanuel Doe.
Is a Shorter Trading Day the Cure for What Ails the Markets?
Commentary  |  1/5/2012  | 
Volume at the close is way up, and retail investors are nowhere to be seen. Sometimes a sick market needs strong medicine. In this case, it could be a one-hour trading day, says Tabb Group founder Larry Tabb.
Poachers Turned Gamekeepers
Commentary  |  1/5/2012  | 
Fragmentation Complicates U.S. Treasuries Trading
Commentary  |  1/4/2012  | 
As new exchanges enter the fray and compete for the same Treasury liquidity, getting filled at the right price and volume becomes increasingly cumbersome.
Eagle Swoops In On SimCorp
News  |  1/4/2012  | 
Did Dodd-Frank Kill WJB Capital?
News  |  1/3/2012  | 
A trusted brokerage stops operations immediately and questions are raised.
Hedge Funds Bail On Hobbled Euro
Commentary  |  1/3/2012  | 

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