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Content tagged with Exchanges posted in March 2007
Competition Between Regional Exchanges, Nasdaq/NYSE Heating Up
News  |  3/28/2007  | 
The key points of my last article were about being nimble, selective, and patient. The two companies that have done this are Knight's Direct Edge and BATS Trading. I have to say that I am surprised they have gained as much traction as they have in such a short period of time, but with the hard work I have witnessed firsthand I am not shocked.
Instinet Prepares to Roll Out BlockMatch for Buy Side in Europe
News  |  3/23/2007  | 
Instinet is developing BlockMatch - an Alternative Trading System for European equities that is aimed at institutions.
Alternative Trading Systems Are Emerging in Europe to Meet MiFID Best Execution Requirements
News  |  3/22/2007  | 
Europe's MiFID regulation is giving rise to alternative trading systems (ATSs) to challenge the traditional exchanges and help the buy-side achieve best execution.
Interactive Brokers Runs Annual Olympiad Trading Program to Recruit Technologists for Electronic Trading
News  |  3/22/2007  | 
Interactive Brokers Conducted its second annual Olympiad Trading Program to find technology savvy college students who can create a computerized trading program.
The Options Penny Pilot Has Been Successful So Far
News  |  3/22/2007  | 
While early returns on the SEC's graduated pilot for switching from nickel pricing to penny pricing of options have been positive, data-capacity issues remain.
The SEC May Start Monitoring Non-Transparent and Restricted-Access Trading Alternatives, or Dark Books, More Closely in the Future
News  |  3/22/2007  | 
The SEC is concerned about the effect the proliferation of dark books will have on public markets.
Head Traders Discuss What It Takes to Manage a Trading Desk
News  |  3/22/2007  | 
Advanced Trading's Randall S. Devere spoke with some prominent head traders about what it takes to manage a trading desk. What quickly emerged is a portrait of a group that has to think well outside the parameters of buying and selling - particularly those who trade for or run their own hedge funds.
Lehman Brothers and Fidelity Brokerage Link Their Dark Pools
News  |  3/21/2007  | 
This direct link between their respective ATSs will enable traders to place orders on either firm's matching engine and cross with both liquidity pools while still limiting market impact.
News  |  3/19/2007  | 
Lobby groups have convinced the SEC to conduct a rare review of market-data fees, reenergizing a spirited debate.
U.S. Firms Have Had Few Options When it Came to Investing in Companies Overseas, Until Now
News  |  3/19/2007  | 
Global is where it's at. The balance of trade, interest rates, economic growth and global expansion all are sending payments from high-wage Western countries to lower-wage emerging markets and Eastern countries.
News  |  3/19/2007  | 
TSX Group Hires Brenda Hoffman as CIO
News  |  3/19/2007  | 
TradeTech Recap: An Equities Vision
News  |  3/8/2007  | 
From transaction cost analysis (TCA) to algorithmic trading, dark pools and Reg NMS, this week's TradeTech USA Equity Trading Summit in New York Cit

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