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Content tagged with Infrastructure posted in August 2012
Europe Still Holds an Allure to U.S. Asset Managers
Commentary  |  8/31/2012  | 
Despite seemingly bad news about the Eurozone every day, a surprising number of large U.S. asset managers are still attracted to a continent that accounts for 35 percent of the world's mutual fund assets.
Pimco, the Quiet Giant Among Commodity Investors
News  |  8/30/2012  | 
Pimco is well-known as the world's largest bond fund. But how many people realize it is also the largest investor in commodities, with a portfolio dwarfing the more high-profile pension funds?

Hedge Fund Assets Climbed During First Half of 2012: Study
News  |  8/28/2012  | 
PerTrac says investors are showing more interest in alternative investments, and a growing tendency to invest directly in hedge funds.
Financial Firms Fund Lab To Promote Supercomputing For Market Regulation
News  |  8/27/2012  | 
Firms including Infinium Capital Management and AJO Partners are supporting the research.
ANALYSIS: How Apple Overwhelmed Samsung's Patent Case Tactics
News  |  8/27/2012  | 
In August 2010, just a few months after Samsung launched its Galaxy smartphone, a team of Apple lawyers flew to South Korea.
Northern Trust's Scott Murray: A Man of Action
News  |  8/24/2012  | 
In establishing centers of excellence for IT disciplines, EVP and CTO Scott Murray is helping Northern Trust's technology organization improve quality while the bank continues to grow.
Fidelity CIO Walks In His Father's Footsteps
News  |  8/24/2012  | 
Fidelity Institutional CIO Ron DePoalo began learning about Wall Street IT from his father at an early age. Now he is drawing on those lessons to to drive tech innovation and business alignment.
The Homestretch of the Swaps Compliance Race
Commentary  |  8/21/2012  | 
There are new rules coming for dealing swaps. Are you ready to cross the finish line?
GOLD BOOK 2012: A Focus on Growth, Innovation and New Technology
News  |  8/20/2012  | 
The 2012 Gold Book honorees are focused on testing and getting quality products to market, while also providing innovative business solutions and great customer service.
GOLD BOOK 2012: Northern Trust's Scott Murray Is a Man of Action
News  |  8/19/2012  | 
In establishing centers of excellence for IT disciplines, EVP and CTO Scott Murray is helping Northern Trust's technology organization improve quality while the bank continues to grow.
GOLD BOOK 2012: Direct Edge's Saro Jahani Chooses Stability Over Speed
News  |  8/19/2012  | 
For new Direct Edge CIO Saro Jahani, stability and low latency are the pillars of IT performance, and playing in the sandbox is serious business.
Taming the Wolverine: How To Control the Costs of Modern Trading
Commentary  |  8/17/2012  | 
As Canadian brokers enter the global market, they must rethink how they do business.
Co-Founder Rokos to Leave Hedge Fund Brevan Howard
News  |  8/17/2012  | 
Chris Rokos, a star trader on the firm's $25 billion flagship Master fund, is to stop trading at the end of August.
Hedge Funds Bet on Oil Spike as Israel Attack Fears Grow
News  |  8/17/2012  | 
"The rally you're seeing now is not because demand is up, but because fear is up," says one fund manager.
QUANT GOLD BOOK 2012: AJO Partners' Douglas Dixon Takes on the World
News  |  8/16/2012  | 
Douglas D. Dixon, principal and trader at AJO Partners, explains why AJO is eyeing emerging markets over the next year and why the firm isn't ready to store its tick data in the cloud just yet.
China's Markets: No Gain Without Pain
Commentary  |  8/16/2012  | 
Despite a history of tight controls, China recognizes the need to reform its financial markets in order to trade effectively, and competitively, within the global economy.
The Technology Economics of the Mainframe: Mainframe Computing Still Growing in Banking
News  |  8/14/2012  | 
Despite perceptions, mainframe computing continues to grow in banking. But from an economic standpoint, that may not be a bad thing.
Flush European Share Investors Batten Down Hatches
News  |  8/14/2012  | 
European equity investors, flush from the longest run of weekly gains in seven years on hopes that central banks will act to calm the euro zone crisis and boost global growth, are looking to protect their profits in case of disappointment.

Regulatory and Technological Changes: How to Create Competitive Advantages in the Derivatives Markets
Commentary  |  8/13/2012  | 
Restructuring of the derivatives markets will create new revenue opportunities for those firms that have prepared and niche opportunities for new participants.
The Time Has Come for Options Dark Pools
Commentary  |  8/13/2012  | 
Japan Mutual Funds See Slower Inflows As Shares Dip
News  |  8/13/2012  | 
, an industry body said on Monday. Net buying of investment trust funds, a type of mutual fund known as toushin among investors, totalled 49.5 billion yen ($633.07 million) in July, less than a fifth of the total net purchases in the previous month, the Investment Trusts Association said.
Carlyle Near Deal With SocGen on TCW: Sources
News  |  8/9/2012  | 
Private equity firm Carlyle Group LP is close to clinching a deal with Societe Generale for the takeover of the French bank's Los Angeles-based asset management arm TCW, three people familiar with the matter said on Thursday.
Knight Capital's Train Wreck and the Mismanagement of Software
Commentary  |  8/9/2012  | 
The ensuing fallout from Knight Capital Group's errant trade last week has sparked arguments that automated trading software is intrinsically unreliable, but such logic is faulty.
TMX Group Offers Equity Pre-Trade Risk
News  |  8/9/2012  | 
Clients of the Toronto Stock Exchange operator now have new tools that keep a close eye on risk.
JPMorgan Asset Management Boosts Liquidity Team, Unveils Asia Pacific Fund
News  |  8/8/2012  | 
The asset manager also beefed up its global liquidity sales team with a new appointment.
The Top 10 Mobile Apps on Wall Street
Slideshows  |  8/7/2012  | 
Creating apps for retail investors generally has been the top mobile priority for Wall Street firms. But as the technology continues to advance, retail apps are proving valuable for professional traders as well. Here are 10 top apps that are storming the Street.
BAML Beefs Up Transaction Services Team with Two Appointments
News  |  8/7/2012  | 
The firm said its latest hires come as part of an effort to expand its global transaction services operation.
Analysts Say Sharp Knight Discount Is Sensible
News  |  8/7/2012  | 
Knight Capital Group Inc shares rebounded on Tuesday after a rescue deal that undercut existing investors and left a number of open questions about the embattled firm's valuation and plans.
Was Knight's Disaster Caused By Lack of an Off Switch?
News  |  8/6/2012  | 
If true, this marks a gross oversight, as algorithms fire off hundreds of shares per second.
Broadway Technology to Launch Flat-Fee Hosted FX Aggregation
News  |  8/6/2012  | 
The company, which provides access to 22 FX ECNs, banks, and platforms, said that customers won't pay fees related to trading volume, but for its software.
NYC's Top Hedge Funds Have 25 PCT Less in AUM than 2007
News  |  8/6/2012  | 
Although the city's hedge fund industry has bounced back from the depths of the global financial crisis, HedgeTracker reports they're managing far less money than they were five years ago.
What's Hot In Wall Street Institutional Apps?
News  |  8/3/2012  | 
Wall Street firms are accelerating the roll out of mobile apps for their institutional clients. Here's how they're catching up with the retail side of the business.
Vanguard Not Routing Trades Through Knight Capital
News  |  8/2/2012  | 
Mutual fund giant Vanguard Group said on Thursday that it was not routing trades through Knight Capital. .
How to Prevent Market Mayhem Like the Knight Fiasco
Commentary  |  8/2/2012  | 
It's up to the industry, and not the regulators, to shore up best practices to make sure incidents like Knight Capital's trading error don't wreak havoc in the marketplace.
Knight's CEO Admits Software Bug Was Cause of Market Mayhem
News  |  8/2/2012  | 
Knight Capital's CEO Tom Joyce told Bloomberg TV that the electronic broker had a problem interacting with the NYSE's new Retail Liquidity Provider program which went live yesterday, which was the subject of speculation on the street.
AllianceBernstein's 2nd-Qtr Net Revenue Falls 12 Pct
News  |  8/2/2012  | 
U.S. asset manager AllianceBernstein Holding LP said Thursday that second-quarter net revenue and profit dropped sharply as the company unveiled an office space reduction plan even more aggressive than the one it started in 2010.
Errant Program Trade Seen As Cause of Knight Mayhem
News  |  8/2/2012  | 
Traders said a 'buy-program' that was executed by Knight Capital on the floor of the NYSE within a few minutes of the opening yesterday could have caused high volumes and wild price swings in 148 listed-stocks.
Are Debacles Like the Knight Capital Fiasco Inevitable?
News  |  8/1/2012  | 
Although FIX Protocol's new risk control guidelines take aim at market dislocations like the one on display Wednesday, Woodbine's Matt Samelson says no form of regulation or oversight can stop them from happening.
Markit Unveils Patent Data for Traders, Portfolio Managers
News  |  8/1/2012  | 
The firm says its patent analysis platform will help traders and portfolio managers uncover new trading opportunities.

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